What if you had 48 hours to live?

Ten years ago, a
very amazing
and beautiful friend
of mine was given
48 hours to live.

Today I celebrate
her abundant life, her health,
her vibrancy and her ability to radiate love despite all of the
lemons life has thrown her.

The past couple of weeks myself, my inner circle and handfuls of my
clients have seen a lot of lemons thrown at them.
Hands down, life is never always a walk on easy street.

If you are feeling like your life sucks or that you need motivation to get over the threshold of where you are in the space that you are holding in this moment then I encourage you to LISTEN to Candy tell her story.

There isn't anything that I will ever take for granted again.
There isn't a day that goes by no matter how bad it sucks, or how much it hurts that I won't believe in miracles.  Everything is figure out-able.

Thank you Candy, for reminding
 me that MIRACLES are real.

That the Universe despite it's tricks and
challenges has a great big plan for us.
Even if we don't realize it at first (or second or third).

Thank you Candy for continuing
to radiate your love and your light to everyone you meet.
You continue to inspire me on so many levels from so many miles away.
I love you sister. XO - M


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