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Two weeks ago I was fortunate to learn tapping,
formally known as EFT short for Emotional Freedom Technique.

I'd been reading on the psychological acupressure technique and watching videos from my girl Kris Carr and found out that Christina Scornavacchi not only practices but she was willing to teach me.
(Thanks Cous!)

EFT is known to:
Remove Negative EmotionsReduce Food CravingsReduce or Eliminate PainImplement Positive Goals
On the spot separation anxiety I had surrounding my daughter attending vacation with her father
went from an 8  - being super high on the anxiety chart to a 2 after Christina walked me through all of the key pressure points on my person. 

While we were sitting in the park across from my office at
Venus N The Moon, passers by caught wind of what we were doing and wanted to join.

Christina ended up sharing EFT with an additional six strangers and my heart sang.
I was happy to participate in random emotional release with women who we never met.  To witness this, t…

Patience Is Not A Downloadable App.

"Mom, can you teach me Patience?"  My four year old asked.             "Sweetheart, I'm working on it myself, everyday."
Pa·tience1. thequalityofbeingpatientasthebearingofprovocation, annoyance,misfortune,orpain,withoutcomplaint,lossof temper,irritation,orthelike.
      Thinking clearly before casting judgement or acting out based on emotion seems to be broad strokes for so many.  We are such a fast food, instant gratification nation and we want our pleasure and our answers NOW!        And if the answer just happens to be no, well then, we need to know when it will change to a yes because the consumer, the client, the customer ...we are always right....  
2.Patience - abilityorwillingnesstosuppressrestlessnessor annoyance whenconfrontedwithdelay. Confrontation with delay sounds a lot like: Did he text back yet?   Why isn't he/she texting? emailing? calling?  When will I get the instant gratification that I want now?
     Impatience = opposite of patience. It's…

What if you had 48 hours to live?

Ten years ago, a
very amazing
and beautiful friend
of mine was given
48 hours to live.

Today I celebrate
her abundant life, her health,
her vibrancy and her ability to radiate love despite all of the
lemons life has thrown her.

The past couple of weeks myself, my inner circle and handfuls of my
clients have seen a lot of lemons thrown at them.
Hands down, life is never always a walk on easy street.

If you are feeling like your life sucks or that you need motivation to get over the threshold of where you are in the space that you are holding in this moment then I encourage you to LISTEN to Candy tell her story.

There isn't anything that I will ever take for granted again.
There isn't a day that goes by no matter how bad it sucks, or how much it hurts that I won't believe in miracles.  Everything is figure out-able.

Thank you Candy, for reminding
 me that MIRACLES are real.

That the Universe despite it's tricks and
challenges has a great big plan for us.
Even if we don&…