Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Two weeks ago I was fortunate to learn tapping,
formally known as EFT short for Emotional Freedom Technique.

I'd been reading on the psychological acupressure technique and watching videos from my girl Kris Carr and found out that Christina Scornavacchi not only practices but she was willing to teach me.
(Thanks Cous!)

EFT is known to:
  • Remove Negative Emotions
  • Reduce Food Cravings
  • Reduce or Eliminate Pain
  • Implement Positive Goals

On the spot separation anxiety I had surrounding my daughter attending vacation with her father
went from an 8  - being super high on the anxiety chart to a 2 after Christina walked me through all of the key pressure points on my person. 

While we were sitting in the park across from my office at
Venus N The Moon, passers by caught wind of what we were doing and wanted to join.

Christina ended up sharing EFT with an additional six strangers and my heart sang.
I was happy to participate in random emotional release with women who we never met.  To witness this, to see how the love was so easily shared really moved Christina and I.

     It also confirmed my longing to hold a women's healing retreat here in Jim Thorpe.
I have a vision to share effective, alternative learning techniques that will assist others in becoming emotionally free, encourage creative adventure while igniting self love.  This concept fuels my passion as a transformation activist.

And while I have a few pans in the fire for this to happen
I ask for divine guidance to make it so.

Speaking of divine guidance, those in the circle of trust know that things have been shaken, not stirred on a personal front. So after much meditation I dialed up for a teacher to assist me through the current trials and received.

I've been in tune with Gabby Bernstein since the passing of a friend in March. I came across her Youtube videos and watch religiously on a daily basis. Recently, after meditation I saw her face in a flash and thought DUH! I have got to go on a healing journey 

with Gabby B.

Now, I'd been told several times in the past by one of my life coaches

 Clint Griess to look into A Course In Miracles.
I couldn't commit to the text, I tried.
But Spirit Junkie is A Course in a nutshell. (WOW! Amen!) And Gabby's story isn't that different than my own. So I'm thrilled to be peeling back the onion layers & stepping away from ego and farther down the path of love. There is no time like the present.

Doing the work is emotional and raw. It's not easy. I stayed in bed and pulled the covers over my head after my EFT session (this is not common) but I released a lot.  I also asked for my blocks to be removed because I've made a firm commitment to myself to uncovering my master manifesting abilities, use my gifts to the best of my abilities and to LOVE more.
Despite all of the weird, dark, slimy things life is tossing at me, that which I can control and otherwise 

...in this moment...
I choose love.
Yes, I know what you are thinking - hey girl with the Love tattoo on your arm....! WTF
You're right! While I always thought I chose love, most of the time I really didn't. I didn't know that my own ego was getting in the way 90% of the time.

Now that I have seen my side of the street under a magnifying glass I encourage you to do the same. Self discover. Be the pirate on a journey of you!

You'd be amazed at the illusions we surround ourselves in to avoid transformation and stay out of love. Sometimes when we think that we are doing the "right thing" we don't realize that  ego wants to be right.  Not love.

What would it feel like to you if you gave up being right? Re-Lease.  When you release you lease a new version on life.
I can speak from experience that it's a lot less confrontational and a whole lot sweeter. (even if it's in your own head!)
Love really is the answer.

So whether it's EFT or reading your own self help book screaming your name, I encourage you to peel back some of your own onion layers and take a peek at what's preventing you from living your most authentic, best life and to love more.
LOVE in the form of guides, teachers are all around.  You just have to ask.  I'm getting back to work on that Women's Retreat: Mother's Magic.  Stay tuned.

Mick G

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Patience Is Not A Downloadable App.

"Mom, can you teach me Patience?" 
My four year old asked.
            "Sweetheart, I'm working on it myself, everyday."


1. the quality of being patient as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like.
      Thinking clearly before casting judgement or acting out based on emotion seems to be broad strokes for so many.  We are such a fast food, instant gratification nation and we want our pleasure and our answers NOW!        And if the answer just happens to be no, well then, we need to know when it will change to a yes because the consumer, the client, the customer ...we are always right....  

2.Patience - ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance
 when confronted with delay.
Confrontation with delay sounds a lot like: Did he text back yet?  
Why isn't he/she texting? emailing? calling? 
When will I get the instant gratification that I want now?
     Impatience = opposite of patience. It's needy, gritty, desperate and unkind.
Patience is not only a virtue (something that is morally & ethically correct) it is very much a lost art, right there with chivalry.
I'm seeing, being & experiencing this as a heavy theme as of late.   I'm also recognizing my own part in it's sappy, crappy story and the moral is...I don't like it.
So how does one practice or become more patient? 
Since Miss Sophia brought this transformative question to the table I've had some time to observe.  I listened. I unraveled and got way up close and very much too personal with the subject to come to theories on how I can ...at least in the next three weeks try.

     3.Patience - quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care. 
Practicing patience steadily is prayer I'm going to try to endure for the next three to six weeks.
Because I've no idea what I'm doing (obviously) I've done a bit of research & gathered the following in order to move forward putting this uncomfortable epidemic to rest.
  1. Figure it out.
  2. Multitasking? Stretching yourself too thin? Rework the to-do list before attempting to change your natural reaction to an overwhelming situation. Spread out tasks to do one thing at a time, without leaving yourself in eagerness of something to busy yourself with. Delegate responsibilities; this in itself may be a test of your patience, but you have to learn to share the load.
  1. Pinpoint triggers 
  2. If you feel anxious, worried, or unhappy you may not even realize that the underlying cause of these feelings is impatience. To reduce the frequency of impatience, be aware. The core of most triggers is a reality we have a hard time accepting
  1. Look for patterns.
  2. Awareness gives you opportunity to learn & uncover a relationship or circumstance that is simply not healthy or constructive. You have the power to change. Fix the root problem rather than simply feeling stressed about it.
  1. Keep A Checklist 
  2. Write down whatever feeling is associated with not being patient. Note when the feeling occurs to be are more aware of (& more prepared for) the feeling of impatience. Observe objectively. You may conclude that circumstances surrounding the feeling are not causing you angst - the feeling itself is. Then you'll be able to better control impatience.
  1. Just Breathe 
  2. In the long run patience requires a change in your attitude about life. You can immediately make progress by learning to relax whenever you feel impatient. Concentrate on breathing and you'll be able to get your bearings.
  1. Let Go  
  2. If there isn't anything that you can do to resolve your trigger let it go. It's possible & the only healthy thing to do. Initially, you will probably find it difficult to let go if the matter is important to you - waiting to hear back after a job interview, for instance - but you should be able to alleviate impatience that's caused by issues of less consequence (i.e. waiting in line at the store). If you make a concerted effort you'll gradually develop the strength to remain patient in even the most trying and enduring situations.
Some things just can't be rushed. Anything really good in life takes time/ dedication. Impatience gives up on relationships, goals, and other things that are important. Good things may not always come to those who wait, but most good things that do come don't come right away.
  1. Remember what matters 
  2. Move the world toward peace. Be kind, generous and forgive others. Be grateful for what is. When other less important things fuel impatience, taking time to remember any one of these items reduces the tendency to want something different right now.
  3. Feed Your Soul  
  4. Know how to occupy yourself, even in the silence. Patience is a mental skill. Impatience is something not to be proud of, but something that you should attempt to train yourself out of, before it is something that overthrows your life.
  1. Smile  
  2. Being positive is imperative to possessing a sense of patience. Remember that life is but a journey to be savored each step of the way.
  1. Accept lemons in life gracefully. Keep expectations in check not only with circumstance, but also with the behavior of those around you. If you find yourself blowing up over your child or your spouse accidentally spilling a drink, consider why you are not in touch with the fact that no one is perfect.
  1. Take A Time Out  
  2. How? First, do nothing. Sit quietly. You can slow your world down.  Second, stop holding yourself and those around you to unreachable standards. We'd be more patient if babies didn't cry, bosses didn't demand, computers didn't crash, and people didn't make mistakes - but that's not real. Give yourself a break!
  3. So here's to being more flexible, less flying off the handle and a lot more happy in traffic and construction zones while traveling in the heat minus complaining or angry tweeting or texting.  Challenging? Quite. But I think I'm up for it.   Will you take the patience challenge with me?

  [pey-shuhns]   noun

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What if you had 48 hours to live?

Ten years ago, a
very amazing
and beautiful friend
of mine was given
48 hours to live.

Today I celebrate
her abundant life, her health,
her vibrancy and her ability to radiate love despite all of the
lemons life has thrown her.

The past couple of weeks myself, my inner circle and handfuls of my
clients have seen a lot of lemons thrown at them.
Hands down, life is never always a walk on easy street.

If you are feeling like your life sucks or that you need motivation to get over the threshold of where you are in the space that you are holding in this moment then I encourage you to LISTEN to Candy tell her story.

There isn't anything that I will ever take for granted again.
There isn't a day that goes by no matter how bad it sucks, or how much it hurts that I won't believe in miracles.  Everything is figure out-able.

Thank you Candy, for reminding
 me that MIRACLES are real.

That the Universe despite it's tricks and
challenges has a great big plan for us.
Even if we don't realize it at first (or second or third).

Thank you Candy for continuing
to radiate your love and your light to everyone you meet.
You continue to inspire me on so many levels from so many miles away.
I love you sister. XO - M

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