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Eclipsing Heart

Dear Readers, The world needs more love letters. I will have this etched on my urn.It’s something I will continue to believe until my last breath.
I’d like to share an experience hopefully to inspire you to LOVE more. All Names have been changed.
Henry heard I read “fortunes”. He was so anxious that he showed up a week early.
Finally at our appropriate meeting time, Henry and I met face to face. A thin, older gentleman with grey hair and glasses wearing a navy blue tee shirt entered Venus & The Moon. He looked worn down as if he spent way too many days crying and not enough time eating solid foods. The gentle soul stepped into my office smiling. “Are you here this week?” “I’m so very glad to meet you.” I smiled.
We prayed together. I held his hands. It wasn’t a second later that spirit filled the room. His wife didn’t hesitate introductions. She was a vibrant being with a lot to say.He lost Tassy in April.  She was the love of his life.       Tassy made reference to their init…
Surrender, a magical act of transformation.

Surrendering. Letting go. Giving ourselves to our inner guide that is connected to Source, not ego.

It's quite the process.
 My Mom's T-Shirt reads; Live Your Life.

Shedding the past and breaking patterns is intense.
At the moment, I feel cracked open. My egg waiting, listening.
Meeting with my own personal guru this week allowed me to sit in gratitude knowing that I am not alone in my surrendering.
We share the same experience on some level even when I don't feel connected and somewhat out of faith.
But I desire to know more, peeling back all layers of the purple onion, hoping my shiny disco ball  to be revealed, will be.
I'm diving deeper because I'm surrounded by assignments coming from multi purpose angles.
Teachers are everywhere and within everyone I meet.

Friday night I had the pleasure of 'reading' for the local graduating class of 2012.
There was almost one hundred individuals waiting in line to inq…