Thoughts Become Things. Love, The Universe.

Spreading the word: (So demands TUT today and I am inspired).

The entirety of living deliberately
can be summed up in just three words.


Of course, beliefs are important too,
but your thoughts can
change what you believe.

And WORDS are important, they're your thoughts 

that become things the soonest.
So be choosey in that you use.

How can you make the one's you use truly profound?

I find that too many people are on talk overload.
Talk, talk, talk. Talk-ity talk.
No one listens.  No one knows how to.  

We are so wrapped in ego.
And Ego gets loud.  

For example, people are always looking to say 
something next 
or over the other person's words,
their story and space.

We aren't giving each other the space to 

breathe in between thoughts and words so 
there is hardly real connection. 
There is definitely no real kindness in that either.
Words are flooding our process 

- not consciously-  and we
 are becoming more unconscious because of it. 

Thoughts become things. 

Choose your words wisely.

Most recently, because of this phenomenon alone, 

I've come to conclusion that listening 
intently is way more important 
than saying the wrong thing and hurting people.

Words hurt.

Thoughts become things. 

ACT accordingly for the greatest good.

Listening with intention is hearing beyond 

words being said.
It's connecting with emotion -

empathy, body language and connection 
not just 
in the physical but also in the visual.

Listening intently is responsible, not responsive.
It's action filled with patience and kindness. 

Try: listening intently.

Taking action is absolutely critical, 

because more than anything else, it creates.
It speaks volumes over words.
Action is the Answer in so many cases.
Yet so many choose not to act but stay 

hidden behind or to fight harder with words.

Try: Engage in conversation without words ..
Which also includes: no texting, tweeting, 

phone dialing, letter writing, blogging, 
sky writing, street tagging....

Engage people with out words.  Can you?

Recently, clients are reporting lots of conflict 

not only within themselves but with others.

Thoughts become things.  
The world is an amazing place, conflict free.

Fighting is not the Action or the Answer wisest.
Thoughts become things. 

Act accordingly for the greatest good.

Remedy: Stop fighting your self.
1)Choose your thoughts, your words wisely. 

Be gentle. Be kind.

2)Know that the human being next to you 
or on the bus or in the same room as you 
sitting just across the way is in someway 
suffering on some level also 
be kind to him/her just the same.

3)Engage in that kindness without words.

There is something to be said about acting 

with empathy, 
it is the road less traveled.
It's so much easier sometimes to choose 

conflict and pain because we are so used to it; 
it's learned behavior.  
It's all we hear, see, talk about from the news 
to the last text you sent that 
was heated and so not cool. (Dude)

Slow down.  

There are no room for miracles in that space. w
Because.  Thoughts become things.
TRY: Breathing  instead of talking. 

Listen to yourself and figure out which amazing 
things you want more of in your life.
Connect your thoughts, words & actions to 
make it so.

Like attracts like. 

Presently, the law of attraction is continuing
 to serve us chaos because that's 
who we are every day.  
But when we step out of the chaos and 
into gratitude the world suddenly 
becomes a safer space. 
Especially if we do it in larger numbers. 

Thoughts become things.


Stop the thoughts.
Relax on the words......
Act accordingly for highest good of all.
+++  +++   +++

The White Light Army   
It's our mission to replace judgement and fear 
with love and compassion, 
even to those who are not kind in return.

If you believe in Jesus, THE WLA does too. 
If you believe in Buddah or Allah well then, 
The WLA agrees.
If you believe in Bob Marley, Mother Theresa, 
Russel Simmons, The Dali Lama, Oprah, 
Ellen or anyone who lives their life 
serving the greatest amount of good 
on behalf of the largest number of 
our brother and sister human beings then we say 
put your lighters up and pray, dance or sing with us. 


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