Silence, Fasting & Shedding Grievance Gut.

Comfort food/drink got the best of me in March.

It's April. Just like the Lord has Risen so to is it time to emerge from our cocoons.
Personally I have buried myself in one woven in sadness and fear the past few weeks. Yes, that's real.

Getting out now is going to take some work.  I've stumbled upon the answers in meditation last week.

First I'd like to recommend a vow of silence. (3-6 hours)
Followed by a 24 hour juice/water fast.
Being present to whatever messages, miracles or creativity comes in that time.
Last, taking a day of service - completely serving others in prayer, outreach or by giving someone in need a helping hand.

This formula of change is great medicine. Especially if you're looking to deepen your spirituality or your intuition.  Disconnecting from your normal every day reality, even if for a few hours allows you to connect to your highest self.
Getting into Nature is highly recommended.

I'm on the fast portion of this transformative series,
completing the vow of silence yesterday on a
walkabout in Jim Thorpe, I found so much.
I also let go of a lot of stuff too.

So as we each collectively do our spring cleaning,
I'd like to raise a cup and say cheers to shedding some much needed onion layers. Layers from winter that we've inherited to keep us grounded and warm. The winds are howling outside also whispering that we leave our bullshit layers behind closed doors.
The Sun is out now reminding us politely that the layers of fat that prohibit us from being our most beautiful, and healthiest selves is being asked to leave.

Here's to getting to the core of who you are and liking it.

Good luck on your journey this spring. Godspeed.


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