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Jealousy: Your Worst Enemy.

Jealousy - this word, thing/concept has emerged repeatedly in the past few weeks in Facebook updates or people sneering when they've had a little too much to drink and let's not forget oh! within Political campaign madness.  
This not so sexy J word has made me take a giant step back & really try to understand so I wrestled with reasons as to why people would get wrapped up and or act out on such things. In meditation, clarity came to help dissect the facets and nature of Jealousy's many meanings. Slaying by one.  I love it. Immediately, I wanted to share revelation...  Here's a tiny magnifying glass to be held to the nature of the ugly beast and the wrath it's ferocious green head brings. 
jeal·ous[jel-uhs]Show IPA adjective1.feelingresentmentagainstsomeonebecauseofthat person'srivalry,success,oradvantages(oftenfollowedbyof): Hewasjealousofhisrichbrother.
When thinking about manifesting and creating big things in this lifetime, jealousy is your worst…

Silence, Fasting & Shedding Grievance Gut.

Comfort food/drink got the best of me in March.

It's April. Just like the Lord has Risen so to is it time to emerge from our cocoons.
Personally I have buried myself in one woven in sadness and fear the past few weeks. Yes, that's real.

Getting out now is going to take some work.  I've stumbled upon the answers in meditation last week.

First I'd like to recommend a vow of silence. (3-6 hours)
Followed by a 24 hour juice/water fast.
Being present to whatever messages, miracles or creativity comes in that time.
Last, taking a day of service - completely serving others in prayer, outreach or by giving someone in need a helping hand.

This formula of change is great medicine. Especially if you're looking to deepen your spirituality or your intuition.  Disconnecting from your normal every day reality, even if for a few hours allows you to connect to your highest self.
Getting into Nature is highly recommended.

I'm on the fast portion of this transformative series,

Thoughts Become Things. Love, The Universe.

Spreading the word: (So demands TUT today and I am inspired).

The entirety of living deliberately
can be summed up in just three words.


Of course, beliefs are important too,
but your thoughts can change what you believe.

And WORDS are important, they're your thoughts 
that become things the soonest.
So be choosey in that you use.

How can you make the one's you use truly profound?

I find that too many people are on talk overload.
Talk, talk, talk. Talk-ity talk.
No one listens.  No one knows how to.  
We are so wrapped in ego.
And Ego gets loud.  
For example, people are always looking to say 
something next 
or over the other person's words,
their story and space.

We aren't giving each other the space to 
breathe in between thoughts and words so 
there is hardly real connection. 
There is definitely no real kindness in that either.
Words are flooding our process 
- not consciously-  and we
 are becoming more unconscious because of it. 

Thoughts b…