People, Get Out Of Your Own Way.

Home. Profoundly humbled by the amazing revelations sickness and death recently gifted me.
I couldn't see it. I couldn't hear it, I was numb. But kindly, airplanes and strangers, familiars and broken hearts wrapped in pages that have yet to be written have brought me healing.

The beauty of it all, the madness. The strange calm found in sorrow. Ironic? Beyond.
There is never enough time, there are never enough words. However, a few offered stuck with me as I looked for my own answers.

"People need to get out of their own way." Stated the brilliant photographer as he snapped photos
and played with one of the many wigs he put me in.
Snap, click.
Tears wiped away from goodbyes the night before.
Make up covering bags beneath my eyes.
Music blaring sweetness as it became medicine all over again.

Soon after landing, I remembered in three short hours exactly why I let San Francisco.
I was never alone but always lonely. Dealing with strangers unseen, seen and those I used to know. Realized I walked away from radio to become one myself.

Beyond the bullshit, every relationship or lack there of holds a mirror, a parallel to your own universe.
Make sure you understand who and what you are, what you bring to the table and what you are responsible for.

Today I welcome back a familiar stranger. My sister will walk through my front door, the first time I've laid eyes or arms on her in over a year. In this work, I'm learning that time means nothing to spirit - but here, unfortunately, time means so much more than it should.

There are things we can't undo, or unsay. We have to show up and be present to what we bring, what we attract good or bad - every single moment of every day and as Topher Adam so brilliantly put it - we need to get the fuck out of our own way. =Keys to Happiness=

And as I put the finishing touches on this blog - Robin Rockwell sings to me:
"If you live to learn you'll be lucky one day!"  (Dream on Dreamer, The Brand New Heavies).....
Oh Brother! WOW. I got the right CD in her collection! Thanks dude.

Cheers inspiration, and divination yet unseen.
Cheers to turning sadness into color and future plans I'm still scribbling.
Here's a peek at  The Dark Beauty's mastermind's vision (Topher Adam) of me :)
One of the last shots we took - Fortune Teller.

Topher - Brother, in gratitude for letting me live one of my many dreams - to be shot by you!


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