No Sleep Till....

Oakland, San Francisco, Glide Memorial,
Rockwell Fillmore Tribute. Dark Beauty Photo Shoot. (Sigh)

Trying to catch rest and nurse suspected, unconfirmed disease that's infiltrated my being.
In my left ear, it sounds like a helicopter is landing.  Doesn't feel like rescue though.
My body is weak. Everything hurts.
Prescribed medication makes it hard to breathe even harder to speak.
Hoped to have come to better health before heading west. T minus 12 hours and counting.
Too much stress. No such luck.
I feel so disconnected physically. Reclaim! Save me!

I have been taught that illness is a great metaphysical sign. To ponder on my bed and be still.
In this time of great process however I recall words that a living Goddess - shared - via Plato:
“Be Kind for Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Great Battle.”–Plato

I couldn't agree more. I am sad for all of my friends that are suffering severe loss and in their own deep crisis right now -  no matter what the circumstance.  
Let's be honest, there is no lack of circumstance!

Another colleague reminded me that it's the end of the winter, dead season.  
Abundance is just around the bend. 
Hold on.

Finally a very beautiful & wise man in my life said that he recently came to the realization that 'everyone always has stuff going on all the time, no matter what.'

It's true. There is no great reason that we have to lash out at each other because we are we are hurting or lacking or feeling jumbled inside. 
Everyone is hurting on some level. Everyone has pain on some level. Take a step back from your madness or sadness and breathe.

Yesterday, strangers came to my aid when I collapsed in the street. 
They offered me water and sat patiently with my daughter until I got my bearings again. They could have taken my purse or took my keys and made off with Beulah. 
But they smiled and offered me love from their hearts.
I payed it forward by practicing random acts of kindness for the rest of the day with everyone I came into contact with until I made it safely back to my home where I was met with messages from clients and friends in their own great crisis. 

“Be Kind for Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Great Battle.”–Plato

I sit here, with tears in my eyes, knowing that more tears are coming. 
I long to be in the embrace of familiar strangers I have left so long ago, to share the release of sadness we have for such a great loss to our own personal history and community.
I look to share my love and kindness with each and every person I encounter when I set foot out of my front door from this day forward.  Amen.

Life is too short my friends to insist upon anything sweeter

Ally My Love



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