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DOWNLOAD: Gotye feat. Dice Raw - Game Of Thrones Freestyle - RCRD LBL

I'm pissed.
No. I'm not. (Breathe deep)
Sure I am.
Wait. No I am not.

I used to call this repetitive argument in my head; My East Coast Vs. My West Coast.
It weighs heavy yet again these days even though the language has changed a bit - it's light vs. dark - ish.

Regardless, I'm filled with emotion.

I haven't written here in a while.
I was so totally inspired to do the W.L.A and the call to action videos
that my fingers forgot what it felt like to dance all over the keyboard.
At present: they are happy :)

Doing the videos was a big deal. I hadn't put that much effort in to the visual  since Newsbreak 22.

I get it. OK? I do.
The balance between light and dark and my east coast vs my west coast and the NEED for both. OK?
I heard you!
I hear you!
But I prefer my coffee somewhere between light and white. When I want my coffee to be black, I will purposefully and with fervor drink it black…

WLA: Smiling

It's been an incredibly tough week. But thinking about how to add tiny sparks of love and light I was inspired to SMILE.
It's so simple.
Give a go.
Much love, XOXO. Mick G.

White LIght Army: The F WORD

In light of Valentine's Day and The F Word. The White Light Army lights a candle Sunday night February 13th  to invite Forgiveness into our lives and hearts.   We also continue to pray for our brothers & sisters in Syria. Peace & Love. Mick G

White Light Army, 1st call to arms.

I woke up this morning with these words in my head & heart: "This is my commandment, that you love one another  as I have loved you. Love your enemies  be good to those who hurt you  and live in my love." It was a song I learned in Catholic grade school. I don't know how or why it came about but it did and I took it as a sign when I turned on the news and saw the carnage happening once again in the middle east. 
So I had to bring myself to do this. To walk the walk, to ignite this call to action in order to help spread the love and demand divine transformation on our plane.
Join the White Light Army - a group of human beings that strive to practice unconditional love, compassion, kindness and forgiveness towards ourselves and others. It is the greatest good of all that is our highest goal.  We seek not to hurt others with our words or actions, we seek to bring about peace through acts of compassion.
The White Light Army replaces judgement with empathy. We reject fear to focus …