Leggo ma ego Jesus.

Dreaming big.  Dancing. Warding off demons.
Yeah, that happened.
You twirl, sweet Dervish to inspire yet you confuse some & make others stand with their hands on their hips, hissing.

We live in a world with so much negativity, so much violence and hatred. I've done my best to rise above this in my own bubble & help anyone I can do the same. Those who really know me, know things like 'revenge' or 'curses' or to do something beyond what is for the good of all is just not my style.

Being bullied most of my life has led me on the path of fighting the good fight. I also avoid the same breed of people who have taught me such harsh lessons.  They are everywhere.

I've infused positivity in each & any negative situation that presents itself on this plane & in the spiritual realm & have always helped anyone who has asked for my assistance to the best of my ability.

It's come under attention that no matter how safe I play it, or how peaceful life has become per my intention or soul's work - the past & it's demon's - are more than happy and willing to come around screaming for the sake of...well, screaming.

I've kept my mouth shut in the sake of grace. Perhaps it's been misinterpreted for being a doormat.

In light of recent events I'd like to take this opportunity & space to be clear:
The past is behind us. I forgive you, your words, your actions & your intentions.
I wish you no harm, nor have I ever.  If I hurt you, I am sorry. I've wished you nothing but love, luck & success no matter what form it took so long as we both walked away smiling and happy.

Next up: going to turn this blog into a video blog to better document my paranormal journey and see how that medium fits this medium.  The things that have presented themselves so to speak leave me desiring a special effects department. Speaking of special effects:
The Jesus Project will be on display through this entire month.
I'd love have you come in and take part of the Venus & Moon confessional so to speak.
I hope to see you there and in love and in peace.

XOXO - Mick G



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