Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 in gratiam. Yes this blog is about YOU!

To those who saw a girl & her daughter through one of the bumpiest, wildest rides of a year - ever. I wanted to make space for you...a sort of blog party if you will.
2011 was no easy ride but it had some really amazing highlights.
DEEP gratitude for the new friends we have made along the wicked way.
Want to truly thank you for your kindness, your love, your compassion, your support, your friendship & smiles. Sophia and I are so very lucky & blessed to be graced with the likes of such amazing people - people to call our tribe -

Real Time Comedians that keep me laughing: Russel Austin, Bob (Mothafucka) Schaeffer, Shawn Frey, Frances Vieras Blanc, Devin Greco, Cody & Lee, Jesse Simonik, Mary H.H(squared), Rachel Denver, Rob Ebinger, Becky Moyzan

Most Cordial: Jon & Richard - we kicked 2011 &amp Sophia's her birthday CA trip off to an amazing start. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us.
Auntie Natalie - God Mama Delux! We love you more than you know. Thanks for our 3rd Birthday Disney extravaganza. So very grateful to have you a Skype session away.
Devin Greco. (Period)
Chris Hernson - in his home away from home NYC. Much love 2 U & 2 my new addiction: pickle backs!

The Tribe: Nadinne Curry, although we suffered huge loss, we gained sisterhood. Selena & Dan - we were shown the light through a really crazy episode of charmed vs. the ghost whisperer & reality. Mary Huber Harwood so very happy to have found you & your beautiful children.  Jim & Amanda Meadus. I have no words for your support. Devin & Becca - two amazing girls who rock my world beyond belief - helping me keep the faith in the sisterhood. Andrea & Jim :)

My SF peeps - Robin Rockwell, Chandra, Andrea, Dave Mello, Christine McGold, Octavian, Jon & Richard - MUCH LOVE.
4 meeting me in NYC: Hern, Chandra & Lindsay!

4 Shiny Happy New Loves: Devin Greco, Mary Huber Harwood, Selena & Dan, Becca Moyzan (& Rob!) Trudi Rusnock, Kelsey Sutfliff, Cody Buchanan, Lee!!, Lindsay doesn't bail! Bales!, Morgan Eresh, Zach Pellecio, Armando Medina, Ryan McGurr, Dave & Aileen Miller, Tom & Lynn, David & Blaine, Joanna Naratil, Joan Morykin, Andrea Steward, Gina & Alana, Rita O'Donnell, Marianne Garritano Rustad & so many more...

4 Kindred Creatives: Selena Mazmanian, Dan Mazmanian, David Price Watkins, Tom Storm, Randall Sellers, Colleen Davis, Anne Martino, Angie B Parambo! Mark Driesbach, Heather Mueller Noell, Devin Greco, Alan Cheese

4 Those who helped Witch Wolf? The Curse get on a magical carpet ride!
Al Zagofsky - for putting me front and center in The Times News July 16th which changed my lil local life for sure! Aileen Miller & Barret @ The Emporium of Curious Goods, Selena Mazmanian for being inspired, taking a risk then making an investment, Armando Medina, Keith Blackwell (& Dumbledore's Army) & The Harry Potter Alliance of JT!

Couples who teach me that unconditional love (in marriage also) is totally possible:
Rob & Becky Moyzan, Jim & Amanda Meadus (Also Best Wedding (& bachelor party!) of 2011!!)Andrea & Jim (Big Buddy) Bird, Selena & Dan Mazmanian, David & Aileen Miller, Danny & Wanda Strohl, John Scalia & Richard Garcia, Kathy & Steve Tito Juice Tito, Frances & Yohan Blanc, Bob & Tonia Schaeffer, Mom & Dad, Mary & Seth. Heather & Brett <3 <3 <3

4 Honorable Mentions
Rebecca Hawk - you are amazing. you are loved. thanks for bumping into a girl and getting her a fabulous flat in downtown JT & for all the love and care that comes with it!
Rich Reabold - for helping me move to Jim Thorpe in more ways than just in borrowing a co workers truck.
Stephanie Watsin Grazio for setting me up on the best date ever :) & for keeping it real - always
Topher Adam B - for the Dark Beauty love and for all of the inspiration you continue to bestow upon me.
Jennifer Foster - really stoked to have our divine connection and to keep it open.
Octavian - omg, I have no words for you really.
Brian Neuls you continue to inspire me from near but far.....
Tara Banniger - our reconnection makes my heart so happy

4 my oldest, wisest friends I LOVE YOU: Kathy Mckulski Tito, Frances, Natalie, Jon, Jim Meadus & Shawn F, Heather Pace, Heather Hoch,  Dan Evans, Melissa Burda, Sure we are decades the wiser but damn we are so totally aging like a fine wine I must say!

In Memory: Shane- there have been things you have helped me know in the ether but it doesn't make it right nor does the world feel like it makes more sense. :( You were loved by so many people. Your spirit, your smile is sorely missed. EVERYONE misses you kiddo.

4 those in my not so normal life: 2011 taught me a great deal paranormally. I wouldn't be doing what I do if it wasn't for my goonies at Blue Mountain Paranormal Society. Extra special shout to the crew from Selinsgrove - I never was so scared of the living - in my life.  Todd Weaver, Danny Strohl & Allison - we lived through some shit that day!
To ALL OF MY PEERS at BMPS -  Because of you, I am today.  Thank you.

A final shout to all those involved with the tree house bed for PHIA!  Mommy is sleeping sound & so is baby girl! XOXO

4 My friend & mentor Arlene Duggan - without you I'd be so girl interrupted. Thank you always for your kindness, your flexibility, your patience and helping me to hold on to my humor when things sticky in reality or paranormally.

4 My Uncle Ed. Not only are you the smartest most hardworking man I know but you really are an amazing person. Beulah & I are lucky girls to be in your care.

Honored to have learned (& still learning from) some really sharp lessons in 2011, to shake away people who I won't make room or excuses for. 2011 yes, I would not have changed a single thing.  It's all in the risk of love and I wish that for you nonetheless.

Finally - Thank you supporting Venus * The Moon!!!!!!!!!  Everyday I get to connect with like minded, open hearted, beautiful souls which is truly a blessing and a testament to faith.

Sophia & I love our new home, our work, our wonderful new friends & neighbors.
We wish you nothing but an abundance of the universe's love, luck and success in the new year!
Cheers to 2012 - living every day like it was your last in both love & joy.

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