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2011 in gratiam. Yes this blog is about YOU!

To those who saw a girl & her daughter through one of the bumpiest, wildest rides of a year - ever. I wanted to make space for you...a sort of blog party if you will.
2011 was no easy ride but it had some really amazing highlights.
DEEP gratitude for the new friends we have made along the wicked way.
Want to truly thank you for your kindness, your love, your compassion, your support, your friendship & smiles. Sophia and I are so very lucky & blessed to be graced with the likes of such amazing people - people to call our tribe -

Real Time Comedians that keep me laughing: Russel Austin, Bob (Mothafucka) Schaeffer, Shawn Frey, Frances Vieras Blanc, Devin Greco, Cody & Lee, Jesse Simonik, Mary H.H(squared), Rachel Denver, Rob Ebinger, Becky Moyzan

Most Cordial:Jon & Richard - we kicked 2011 &amp Sophia's her birthday CA trip off to an amazing start. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us.
Auntie Natalie - God Mama De…