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The Greatest of bio fuels


There's spit fire and piss that comes along with those words eh?
There is a burning feeling you get in your lungs, your throat, more than often - your stomach.
You toss and turn, you want to punch walls....I feel you.

Coming to know that the more I see people feeling any of these words - (this including myself) the best way to squash this negative energies
or turn them into something divine is to run with them - literally.

Move.  Get up, put whatever it is eating at your soul beneath your arm or in your back pack and head for the goal line.  It could be a football field, basketball = you make it happen.  Just make it happen.

Grief and Depression are no different.
Movement helps alleviate and lift the cloud or shroud.
Whichever you prefer.  

Work it out of your body and get quiet in your mind and your soul and wait for the next answer, inspiration, message.

It totally works.

What moves you?  Do it.

And listen. :)