things have been moving at the speed of light, to do lists grow...i am proud.
there are not enough hours in the day for the kind of things that need to be addressed
stuff is happening....coincidence seems like a new best friend that has grand attachment issues and I am honored to be working it all out with her

in that however, there are lessons to keep track of, mind of
take a step back and...listen
to not be distracted by flights of fancy that really weren't flights or that fancy at all
(sigh) I definitely have a new appreciation for blues in my playlist:  Jimmy Reed & Etta James being new friends.

Elemental Alchemist has been open for 4 days.
It's been a whirlwind of adventure, investigation and love.
The studio has a smell that attracts people from almost a block away.
Making soap and incense while getting to know my new business partners is a blast.
I've seen a few clients, met new friends & embraced old friends as they walk through the doors too.
A big fat thank you to all who have welcomed, supported and are open to loving us.

Apologies for not posting part two of the paranormal blog.
But I also moved my home, and started this amazing life transmutation in a awesome tizzy.

I am true testament to changing the negative in your life to positive.

A big shout to The Cerebral Circus with Kenny Jay for having the Alchemists on the radio tonight!

Exhaustion and delirium are setting in. True Story.

Office Hours tomorrow starting at noon. 31 Race St. Jim Thorpe.


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