About Last Night....

A huge round of applause and gratitude for the five women who participated in the first public seance turned first public - crossing over.

Three spirits
One very bad energy

The first hour and a half of our time discovered Douglas, Alex and Theresa who not only confirmed their names through the Franks Box but also confirmed that they wanted help - to be crossed over.

But there were four names.  The last being Helen.

That energy that did not want to leave.

I asked those who were participating if they would like to assist me in opening the gates for those who showed up and declared help.
All who were there complied.

This was definitely not expected.

Holding hands, in a circle - we did 'the thing'.  But after one of the male energies crossed - the white loving light of the universe went out, the door closed and I was met with a monster in the darkness.
It was a dragon/gargoyle type .... my body rocked again - the same way it did at the previous home clearing in September.  St. Michael the Archangel was summoned.  Never really sure if it's him, but someone always comes - enters through a window....leaves the same way.

The women in the group were strong. Their openness and courage gave me the strength to continue.

We called the light back. The other two left.

When we were finished the divine task,  a voice screamed at me.
"Who the fuck do you think you are?"

One of the group participants asked me what Helen thought of this....she must have picked up on what was happening. "She's screaming at me right now! She's pissed."

Dave Wargo consulted the pendulum.  The things we discovered were not pleasant.
My team and I have come to agreement that there is a negative energy disguising itself as "Helen" acting as a keeper of all the spirits who have passed or enter on the premise.

We asked the pendulum to confirm.  It did.

Next week should be something. I'm actually really anxious to see what shows up this weekend for the investigation.  Despite what happened to me two years ago on premise - everyone until now was playing nice.....
or so it seemed.

Stay tuned.

Thank you again to my team on site. For confirming the orb around me while my body was swaying - and the smoke that was rising from the floor - still trying to debunk that one.....
I am grateful for our journey and learning adventure.
Cheers to staying protected and in God's favor.



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