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About Last Night....

A huge round of applause and gratitude for the five women who participated in the first public seance turned first public - crossing over.

Three spirits
One very bad energy

The first hour and a half of our time discovered Douglas, Alex and Theresa who not only confirmed their names through the Franks Box but also confirmed that they wanted help - to be crossed over.

But there were four names.  The last being Helen.

That energy that did not want to leave.

I asked those who were participating if they would like to assist me in opening the gates for those who showed up and declared help.
All who were there complied.

This was definitely not expected.

Holding hands, in a circle - we did 'the thing'.  But after one of the male energies crossed - the white loving light of the universe went out, the door closed and I was met with a monster in the darkness.
It was a dragon/gargoyle type .... my body rocked again - the same way it did at the previous home clearing in September.  St. Mic…

Flying SoLow on My Broomstick.

Tis the season of the Witch.
And let me say this from personal experience
the dead are definitely walking among us...
and talking among us and having quite a laugh I must say.

... find it quite hard to write about all of it lately.Things are happening at such a rapid pace.
Awareness changes almost on a daily basis with new discovery at every turn. home, new job, new friends, new life ghosts ...
or dead men talking
at least, that's what my friendly neighborhood soul ....
..suggested...then he chuckled and proceeded to tell me his message for his wife.

There are things I'd like to blurt out loud in the middle of the day, on a Wednesday but I'm not sure that anyone would listen.  Everyone is going through some kind of shit storm it seems.

There are things I'd like to blog about that I'm witnessing, experiencing, taking part in but I want to, no, have to be cautious as to this tale is not strictly my own.
The living in my life are going throug…

Praise and Singing Bowls

Coming out of the broom closet. opening a wellness studio with two bright lights has been a hell of an amazing carpet ride. BLESSED BE.
But there's a ...this side of me that, YOU know.... and I've got a whole town of ghosts that are eager to meet....and share! BLESSED BE.
Validation is coming from all angles. It's humbling to say the least. Yet it's opening all kinds of rabbit holes. And I find myself somewhat stuck....
I really want to be clear that I am truly honored to serve the community and be a tool for the universe. Regardless.
Definitely seeing things that aren't so nice about people now - clearly. My bubble has burst in a strange and delightful way. However, those who 'get me' know I will remain on the positive side. It's as if both people and Spirit are testing me like I am a parlor trick of sorts. I'm seeing thing that I've never seen. Feeling things I've never felt. So sorting through it is taking some time.
To clear up some of that stuf…


things have been moving at the speed of light, to do lists grow...i am proud.
there are not enough hours in the day for the kind of things that need to be addressed
stuff is happening....coincidence seems like a new best friend that has grand attachment issues and I am honored to be working it all out with her

in that however, there are lessons to keep track of, mind of
take a step back and...listen
to not be distracted by flights of fancy that really weren't flights or that fancy at all
(sigh) I definitely have a new appreciation for blues in my playlist:  Jimmy Reed & Etta James being new friends.

Elemental Alchemist has been open for 4 days.
It's been a whirlwind of adventure, investigation and love.
The studio has a smell that attracts people from almost a block away.
Making soap and incense while getting to know my new business partners is a blast.
I've seen a few clients, met new friends & embraced old friends as they walk through the doors too.
A bi…