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Shhh! The Dark Lord is on the phone.


  [lis-uhn]  Show IPA
verb (used without object)

to give attention with the ear; attend closely for the purposeof hearing; give ear.
to pay attention; heed; obey (often followed by to ):Children don't always listen to their parents.
to wait attentively for a sound (usually followed by for ): tolisten for sounds of their return.
Informal to convey a particular impression to the hearer;sound: The new recording doesn't listen as well as the old one.

Listening with INTENTION.  
Intending to hear with one's ears the message in between, above and beyond the lines. 
Looking past lips. 
Servicing beyond words. 
Empathizing without the need to have an immediate answer or an answer at all.
Speaking with care as to care itself and to not cut someone off. 
Not cutting someone off.

Listening to your body.

Listening to the environment around you.

Are you aware? Can you purposely hear? 

I'm finding it harder to relate somedays. Truly I am.

But not today. Today I was mindful in listening.  

Phone call after phone call of state of emergencies started around 9:15 last night. No matter how attentive I was to my work - the universe just wanted me to stop what I was doing and LISTEN.

Each time I was called the situation was so unique yet so very dire. 
There is a significant and heavy sense of urgency to everyone's issues at this time. 
Unseen things are coming to a head. 
Fear is rampant with lights on.
Loneliness is like a plague. 


Is it because we are nearing a major tragic anniversary?  So many people care to share their experience of what happened to them that day. 
Could this unstable social phenomenon have come with the relentless rain? The flooding, swelling of emotion that needs to outpour from within us?
Does it resonate with the full moon on the horizon? Is this meltdown a combination? 

Is it a cinematic fluke?  

Perhaps it is a an astrological link to Pluto who urges one to look beneath the surface to get to the core of what truly holds meaning for oneself. 
Pluto represents the Dark Mother, Kali, Hecate, Underworld God/Goddess, the principle of death and rebirth -- which always takes you outside of your comfort zone, and doesn't allow a lot of wiggle room for fudging it. 
As of now there is a Jupiter-Pluto trine. Which suggests that there is support available for deep transformation but that doesn't mean it necessarily feels safe or easy. 

Plutonian energy is currently ramping up as the Dark Lord is "stationing" -- appearing to slow down to a standstill before turning Retrograde, Sept. 16. Generally speaking, this is not a feel-good kind of transit.  
Pluto puts you in touch w/ the deepest, darkest parts of yourself; the "shadow" -- the parts you don't want to look at and have therefore banished to the basement of the subconscious. As Pluto stations, what's been hidden rises to the surface, calling for acknowledgement and healing. (Emily Trinkus - VirgoMagic)

I empathize with all of the pain that I witnessed today. 
My words didn't matter. It was the act, the thick of the moment closed mouth and open lobes. 

Listening is a service. Not only to others but to ourselves. When we stop to have a true collaboration with our bodies we become the CEO of our own health.   
Listening is prayer. 
Listen to your children, the ones you love and most importantly - the ones you don't love.
When we actively dismiss others we are not honoring our own learning process.
Listening without judgement.
Intentionally listening to the silence buried beneath all of our anxiety, our monkey mind stuff is maybe even a prozac prescription.

Learn to listen. Then RELEARN to listen. 
Listening to a stranger tell you a story about their past or their day doesn't make you or them weird - it makes you connected. Recognizing that when you listen, when people listen - creative waters flow.

Whether the Dark Lord (Pluto), The full Moon or your battle with 3am loneliness has you writhing make a note to try intentionally listening to someone else's stuff. 
Dial your phone. (STOP TEXTING) Make a connection. 
Be mindful of your own words. 
But most importantly:

I want to give gratitude for my "listening" experience today and to the one I'm having right at this precise moment. In my state of listening I received a box full of mix tapes from a far away friend.  
He must have listened when I said I loved making & getting mixed tapes; that like music videos it's a lost art I'm desperately & romantically clinging on to.  This is my medicine & my lesson today.  I get it.  



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