Little Girl Lost

**Names have been changed in privacy of our clients**

In August, BMPS received a phone call about paranormal activity concerning children in the home. 
It was said that an energy was directing one of the children to do things when the activity occurred.

BMPS conducted a pre investigation and came back with some EVP recordings. They held a meeting with the family to gather more info and then I was brought in.

During my walk through of the residence two weeks ago, I picked up on two distinct and separate energies one of a twenty something, deaf man in the attic sitting and rocking against the window and little girl about six years old we will call Mary. Mary was a huge presence who dwelled in the youngest daughters bedroom.

Never have I experienced my arms being tugged and pulled the way Mary asked me to play with her when I entered the room where majority of the activity was reported as taking place at night.  
I looked to Todd my BMPS peer. "Wow! She's full of energy and really wants to play!"  
As Mary continued to beg me to play with her, I sat on the bed instead and told her that I needed to talk to her about some things.

I closed my eyes to see better.

A cyclone swirled above my head in the room. I couldn't decipher if it was in light of the upcoming hurricane activity or if it was a portal through which Mary came.  Once again, I've never experienced anything like that in relation to spirit or things I've been shown in the past. Then spirit showed me some interesting information in regards to the living and made it clear that the youngest daughter was her 'friend' and she wouldn't hurt her.

After meeting with the family, we scheduled a cleansing so that I could attempt to send Mary and the man in the attic home.

Fast forward. 
Yesterday. 2pm.

Danny from BMPS and I drove to the residence. I asked the mother of the house to assist me by sprinkling blessed sea salt over the windows, doorways and perimeter while in prayer. 
After I smudged the entire dwelling I asked both parents to remain in the living room and pray for Mary and her brother (as Mary described to me in our previous meeting).  I needed them to pray for the souls to gently leave when I asked.

I set up in the youngest daughters room. Danny recorded the cleanse.  
But Mary once again was eager to play. She told me she liked my dress. I told her that I was there to let her know that her Mommy missed her and that in a few minutes she would be there for her to go "home".
Mary wasn't exactly excited. She was scared. She started to cry. She wanted to stay and said she would miss her friend. I told her she could come back to play but just not as often because where she was going she would have lots more friends.

In meditation the door quickly opened. I saw Mary grab on to Danny who was sitting next to me. I asked him if he felt anything. 
"like little cold fingers grabbing on my hands" 
"Danny tell her it's ok to go. She's scared."

Her mother, grandmother and a dog (golden retriever) came through the door for her and the male figure. Mary was still very reluctant.  I could see her mother become more clear as she walked away from the door filled with the light of Spirit and closer to us. She picked up Mary who I don't think recognized her. I immediately began to cry.
"Danny how are you feeling?" I quickly asked.
"She's gone! I could feel her fingers leave my hand."
"Her mother just picked her up.  They are walking together toward the door now. The man is pointing at you. He knows you heard his moans (being a deaf ghost, this is what we've decided was captured on EVP) He's following the dog through the portal now. They are gone."

Danny was in shock over the events that took place. I needed a tissue. I couldn't imagine being separated from my child in life or death for that long.  When I say that long - Todd and I took a walk behind the residence to a small cemetery which the girls were to have said played a few times.  All of the gravestones were from the 1800's. Mary's gravestone was one of the first we stumbled upon. 
I took a picture for our files.

I met with the entire family and told them that the activity would be no more. I instructed the girls on what to do should they ever encounter an energy that went bump in the night again.

The ride home Danny (my driver! Thank you!) and I shared thoughts on our first cleansing experience together. He couldn't believe what had happened. I couldn't believe it happened so fast!  

This is the work that I am most proud of. 
This is the juicy stuff that I feel is my obligation with my 'gift'. 
No...I'm not going to tell you winning lottery numbers nor am I certain if the man or woman you're dating is your soul mate.  What I do know is that there is a great deal of energy that gets stuck on this plane for whatever reason. There are so many reasons! But most importantly, I  am passionate about those souls going 'home' or simply assisting them in crossing over so that they can begin their life after death. With that said, 
thank you Blue Mountain Paranormal for giving me this opportunity.  You've helped me transform from girl who thinks she's crazy to woman with a purpose.  I am in gratitude of our time together and the 'work' we do.

I am happy to be at your service.


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