My 1st Semi - Possession Case.

   * Names & places changed to protect the innocent*

After receiving the 911 call about a couple being severely tormented by things in the unseen in Amishyville PA, I knew I had to stand firmly both in my faith and on the ground as to not be scared or give whatever I was going to encounter any power over me or the situation.  It seemed dire.

Flashes of bees overcame me as I was prepared for the event.
Two days and a three hour drive later, several bees nests were the first thing I noticed pulling in the drive.

The major complaint of the tenants: the gentleman was being "taken over" by spirit or worse.  The female living there was hurt by things neither of them couldn't see. Heavy bruises and lots of scratches were photographed on the woman moments after we met.

Screaming, profanities and loud banging erupted from the attic. The gentleman retreated to the attic when he saw our car pull in the drive. (We'll call him BRIAN)
Our arrival set off a tirade that led to BMPS & the family members more than concerned.  In the next five minutes of our arrival, we witnessed Brian hijack the family van then pull it out into oncoming traffic with the trunk open. He almost caused a major collision as he drove at hyper speed from the residence into a stream of cars traveling in both directions.

While he was "missing" I chose to walk through the house and get my impression.  BMPS member Danny and I made our way through the house. I threw holy water. We both heard growling as we climbed the stairs. Please note: There was no one in the home. There were no pets.

When I reached the master bedroom where most of the negative activity was occurring, I heard children laughing. This is where the woman, "HOLLY" was frequently attacked.
The mother "BONNIE" offered: "The catholic priest who was called out here and came out here." wouldn't return their phone calls.
She also said that a woman singing loudly along with the smell of fresh baked cookies happened one recent afternoon.

Continuing our walk through, Danny felt as if he was "pricked with needles". I lifted his shirt to confirm the red marks. I reminded him politely to protect himself.

Danny and I returned downstairs to join the others. I had more questions.
     The activity picked up when the couple moved in. Both were scratched or hurt by unseen forces.  "Everyone gets headaches in the house. Friends, family, people visiting for the first time".  Explained the man's mother. Members of BMPS were no exceptions.

It was important for me to be firm and really let the people we were working with know that if they didn't take control of this situation that no matter where they went, no matter what happened in their lives; it wouldn't stop.  I assured them that they had the power to change
the entire situation if they shifted the focus away from fear, sadness and chaos.

Easier said then done.

I asked the family if they wanted to leave in an effort to find Brian while my team and I started to cleanse the home. However, if he truly had an attachment or was being taken over I wanted to assess the situation for myself. Being that they said no to the search, I asked if they would stay outside on the porch and sit in prayer to aid our work within the home.  I explained to them further that things were going to get "loud." I asked for their uninteruppted patience because I had no time frame to offer them at this point.  The situation was pretty severe.
There were layers upon layers to this onion. I could see more than one entity on the property. In addition there was more than one issue going on with the living there too. But in BMPS real time, shit was about to get even more nuts.

I had Allison & Todd assist me in the smudge/blessing/cleanse while Danny stayed outside in case Brian returned. Room by room the three of us went slowly to not miss an inch with the salt, water and sage.

I heard a man crying loud.  I repeated it over and over.  You need to go now.
When I reached the master bedroom for the second time, I found Holly's crucifix smashed on the floor. I remember her saying she lost it and every time she does, she gets hurt.  Note: it was not there when Danny and I did our initial walk through.

Fast Forward to the basement. I laid salt and sage in the center of the circle we made. I asked my coghosters to pray with me. A man stood next to me and said he wasn't going. Said he'd go when he wanted to. I told him that he that he had to get the F out and if he didn't I would call for "back up".
"Sir, You need to get out of here. Its time for you to go!"

My team members and I prayed. I called upon St. Michael. My body began to sway front to back as if a strong wind was pushing me and I was a living pendulum. Sweat poured from my head. I started yelling.  The door to the other side wouldn't open.
My team members noticed that my body was in full motion now.  Allison also noted the uncomfortable physical changes in her body.

"I need help! St. Michael the Archangel please assist me here today like you have before. Please, please, please open the door and get Buck out of here. We are here to do your work. We are your servants in your army and I am sweating."

The energies face that was shown to me started changing. Many different faces flashed quickly before me. WEIRD! So I responded by get really loud.
"St. Michael the Archangel I need help. I need to get this man out of here today!
You have to go Buck!

My body rocked back and forth, front and back. I felt light. I was becoming frustrated because I couldn't see the light the way I used to. Frustration set in. I wanted for this to be over.
If you could have seen the bruise on Holly's face - you'd want it to be over too. I concentrated harder.

I saw the children run around our circle.  "A boy and A girl, I don't recognize their dress.
"Ok let's concentrate you guys.  Take a deep breath. See the light of the universe seeping through every floorboard and piece of wood in the house."

I rocked back and forth like a pendulum even more now. "Guys I'm being pushed."
I grabbed Todd and Alison for balance having almost fell.  At that same moment loud banging and footsteps erupted from the living room above us.  I opened my eyes. "What's happening?"

"We gotta get outta here." I said when I realized Brian was home and that's why the door wouldn't open.
The three of us left the basement. Brian's mother met us at the top of the stairs. "Brian's home."
She escorted me to his room on the third floor where he was.
"Brian, can we talk to you a minute?"  His mother knocked on the door. I positioned myself at the top of the stairs (just in case I had to run down them).
"NO." Brian growled. (LITERALLY)
"Brian, they cleansed the house. You wanted them to come last night." His mom continued.
"Get the fuck away from me!" He screamed after laughing like a mad man.
"Hey Brian?" I interjected.
"Fuck you!" He responded.
"Ah ok! Fuck you too dude. Nice to meet ya! Hey I just wanted to come and say we drove three hours and to meet you." Silence. "Brian, do you feel like you are being hurt?
"Brian"...his mom called.
"Brian, this happened to me too. I can help you through this. I know what it's like to look in the mirror and not recognize your face."
I needed a response. "Is it Brian or am I talking to Buck?"  More silence. "Ok m gonna go downstairs and sit on the porch for a couple minutes. I think it's important we shake hands today. I don't want you to get hurt or hurt anybody else. I want you to live a safe normal life man."
The sound of heavy furniture being drug across the room.  BOOM!  He barricaded the door.
I turned to my team members. "OK run".  We ran down the stairs as fast as we could and caught our breath outside.
I needed to scream. I called Todd for a walk.
When we got back to the porch there was even more company.
People kept stopping by to say what they experienced themselves in the home.
This was out of control.
The living needed control. This investigation was turning into a party.
There were so many people to mingle with on both sides!



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