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October Seance at Broney's Hotel

I’d like to invite you on an intimate & personal journey in my mediumship.
In 2009 I was introduced to Bob Schaeffer of Blue Mountain Paranormal Society. Bob agreed to meet me but I had to pass a test.  I had to meet him at Broney’s Hotel.
Bob didn’t believe in “my kind.”  He’s a “science guy.”  I wasn’t sure what “my kind” was.  But I needed to find out.
Walking around Broney’s Hotel, the very first time, I heard many voices. “Get the Fuck Out!” An angry male voice declared in the basement. “She’s going to tell all of our secrets.” A woman whispered on the third floor.
I shared with Bob what I was hearing.  He chuckled.  When we finished the tour he admitted what I said Blue Mountain Paranormal Society had previously recorded during an investigation.
Thus, Broney’s Hotel has been an integral understanding of my mediumship. This building has so many layers of history and a handful of entities that have taught me: anything is possible
A woman named “Helen” attached herself to me withou…

My 1st Semi - Possession Case.

* Names & places changed to protect the innocent*

After receiving the 911 call about a couple being severely tormented by things in the unseen in Amishyville PA, I knew I had to stand firmly both in my faith and on the ground as to not be scared or give whatever I was going to encounter any power over me or the situation.  It seemed dire.

Flashes of bees overcame me as I was prepared for the event.
Two days and a three hour drive later, several bees nests were the first thing I noticed pulling in the drive.

The major complaint of the tenants: the gentleman was being "taken over" by spirit or worse.  The female living there was hurt by things neither of them couldn't see. Heavy bruises and lots of scratches were photographed on the woman moments after we met.

Screaming, profanities and loud banging erupted from the attic. The gentleman retreated to the attic when he saw our car pull in the drive. (We'll call him BRIAN)
Our arrival set off a tirade that led to …

There is always a first

Today was the first day Blue Mountain Paranormal Society
(& I) took a case on behalf of another Paranormal team.

It was the first time I would perform a cleansing with two particular members of the group.
It was the first time we drove 2.5 hours to assist and assess the "situation".
It was the first time we dealt with anything in Amish/Menonite country.

It was the first time we were dealing with words like "he's been taken over" and
"the priest was thrown down the stairs".

It was also the first time that I wasn't scared that I was ready "for battle" if you will. Ever since I hung up the phone with the young woman residing on the said disturbed property,
I prepared to see the worst.

I hate being right.

I don't want to blog about the details.  There are over four hours of them.  Most of which I'm still processing on a personal level.

I don't want to use words where words are actually failing me.

I will say however that if a…

Shhh! The Dark Lord is on the phone.

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