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Don't get even. Get even better.

Vision boards. Goals.
Transformation to do lists.
Shaking off the old and welcoming the possibility of the new YOU.

Looking for the north star to keep me true to whats good & honest amidst the cardinal grand cross that has now been activated with July 1st's solar eclipse and the light it's so brilliantly shining through the cracks of our foundations.

Ah, but thankfully tis the grand finale of Eclipse season.
Whew. I thought it would never end!!
June was some serious shit huh?

On the paranormal level, things have been pretty quiet the past few weeks.
No strangers standing in my doorway in the middle of the night. But things are starting to heat up again and at a rapid pace.
Uncrossed spirits looking for attention and perhaps to escape. I've gotten some eerie questions from people online and in new circles. There is also a very familiar man at work that's come around and made himself known to a few people.  Kinda feel like he's calling me out cause I've ignored him (we grew up together) so long.  Stay tuned ....

But reality seems more like the twilight zone as of late.
Things happening right there...BAM! in your face on a daily
I don't think having any expectations of people or situations is healthy. Period.  
You shouldn't expect people to be inherently good or genuine.

Disappointment is ...judgement is....inevitable.
You are your true north.

My phone has been blowing up to concur.
Friends, peers & loved ones near and far certainly are feeling the effects as to what is going on above us in the universal skies.
Life has become somewhat of a circus for so many. (Big hugs all around)
If you think that you are dealing with some shit right now - again- YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
So in your misery, please - please - do not forget to be kind to yourself and one another.
We are all suffering on some level. 
Whether it's a lost iphone or the unexpected death of a loved one, the ending of a relationship or job.
It could be a sudden sprained foot. The point is, the fan has been hit with zee poop.
Deep breaths.
What is it (zee poop) trying to tell you??  As gross and smelly as it is, there is a lesson - a message - an uncovering of things we just didn't know before.

The series of eclipses throughout June were tense and nothing short of dramatic.
Emotions I bet you never thought you knew existed welled up and found there way out of you some how.
Personally, what physically manifested for me was way beyond my imagination.
But I'm humbled to take the time to really listen (and watch) as to what the hell is going on in my body, physically, spiritually and otherwise.
Purging demons is no easy task.
Especially when they've lived among you as friends for years making you feel safe within the confines of their madness. Ending the madness is only the beginning.
Truth will sting like a mother fucker at first but damn, it sure can set you free.

Being uncomfortable with recent events worldly (and lake) has shown me an enormous flaw
within my own system I didn't even know existed.
To err, I suppose is.... I AM,
WE ARE but
This is but our natural design, to learn as we go. To admit that we are by nature...not perfect.
What a concept.
I just wish others would have the courage and the consciousness to apologize (sincerely) when their imperfect runneth over.

On the home front, for the very first time, I'm not mentally running away or burying my head in some west coast dream because of heart breaking revelations & shit going down beyond my damn control.
I'm staying alert to what's coming even letting it gag me then wretch it's way through my skin, my throat - my mouth. True story.
I'm grounding myself in the present deep within the woods working hard for a paycheck instead of waiting to win the lottery.
Hiding will only destroy the person I'm supposed to become not the person I was.
The girl I was a year ago, six months ago, two weeks ago even is now long gone.

Is this also true for you? Who were you then? Who are you in this moment?

Rebirth occurs every morning we wake.
This is the first day of our lives.  Nice to meet you.
Happy Independence day!
Keep your eyes wide shut in meditation and your ears tuned into the silence if you can.

The universe is truly calling our bluff.
Big time.

Be well my friends.

Much love


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