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Originally written July 28th - REPOST:

I love life.  I love, love.
The idea of it, the act and actions there fore to express
and translate it in every circumstance of every corner of the world possible.
 I believe it should conquer all for the good of all.
I love possibility and the possibility of being love in every walk of life, in every type of individual the Universe has created.
I believe that is important to live out your days with 
LOVE in the back of your mind and to meet and greet strangers with this mantra.

But not everyone agrees with this or would even like to try to
flow in a more harmonious vibration.
I'm not perfect in this want or way of life though. And so it goes - day by day. Amen.

Sunday (July 24th) I asked the universe for a sign. I needed a sign!
When I got to work and a small bird was trapped in the basement.
The little feathery thing was trying to get out of a closed window.
It was as far as it possibly could be from the open doors it flew in. I knew I had to help it or it just may give itself a concussion and lie on the floor till someone throws it outside and it could possibly be too late for the little love by then.
So I put on plastic gloves and tried to speak to it letting him/her know I was there only in love and to help. I felt it's little heart beat as it sat calmly in my hands.
I knew everything was going to be ok.
and that in that moment, I was somehow connected to the source.

As a human being; I am sad when LOVE or being human bites me in the ass.
But when that unfortunate instance happens I have learned the following:
Always seek your eyes to the north.
Live & Leave peacefully within your heart.
And bottom line: treat other people that way you would want to be ultimately treated.
Evolution within ourselves is transformation of us as a race. It is mandatory at this juncture.
We can live peacefully as human beings.

I want to take a moment to say grief and sadness to Norway (Now Washington D.C!)  Earth may be mad at us but our own peers have always been bat shit crazy. I also watched a documentary about farmers being slaughtered in South Africa under Mumbai. It saddens me to know that people continue to destroy people like we are nothing.

Honestly, I have seen home. I know love and peace for all are possible.
Grab on to LOVE and share it.
Don't make it exclusive to you and and bare witness to how your life changes.
(Trick): Love yourself first then take your feet out the front door
and to the very first person you meet: Squeeze and don't let go.  Community is key.

Ladies and Gentleman, You are the church of you.
What is your Credo? Your theme song? What is your sermon?
My wish for you that it be life altering for the good of ALL.  Amen.

Here's looking forward to being better people 
every morning we wake up for we are reborn each day.



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