Thursday, July 28, 2011

Congratulations In Your Pursuit of Happiness Tour.

Originally written July 28th - REPOST:

I love life.  I love, love.
The idea of it, the act and actions there fore to express
and translate it in every circumstance of every corner of the world possible.
 I believe it should conquer all for the good of all.
I love possibility and the possibility of being love in every walk of life, in every type of individual the Universe has created.
I believe that is important to live out your days with 
LOVE in the back of your mind and to meet and greet strangers with this mantra.

But not everyone agrees with this or would even like to try to
flow in a more harmonious vibration.
I'm not perfect in this want or way of life though. And so it goes - day by day. Amen.

Sunday (July 24th) I asked the universe for a sign. I needed a sign!
When I got to work and a small bird was trapped in the basement.
The little feathery thing was trying to get out of a closed window.
It was as far as it possibly could be from the open doors it flew in. I knew I had to help it or it just may give itself a concussion and lie on the floor till someone throws it outside and it could possibly be too late for the little love by then.
So I put on plastic gloves and tried to speak to it letting him/her know I was there only in love and to help. I felt it's little heart beat as it sat calmly in my hands.
I knew everything was going to be ok.
and that in that moment, I was somehow connected to the source.

As a human being; I am sad when LOVE or being human bites me in the ass.
But when that unfortunate instance happens I have learned the following:
Always seek your eyes to the north.
Live & Leave peacefully within your heart.
And bottom line: treat other people that way you would want to be ultimately treated.
Evolution within ourselves is transformation of us as a race. It is mandatory at this juncture.
We can live peacefully as human beings.

I want to take a moment to say grief and sadness to Norway (Now Washington D.C!)  Earth may be mad at us but our own peers have always been bat shit crazy. I also watched a documentary about farmers being slaughtered in South Africa under Mumbai. It saddens me to know that people continue to destroy people like we are nothing.

Honestly, I have seen home. I know love and peace for all are possible.
Grab on to LOVE and share it.
Don't make it exclusive to you and and bare witness to how your life changes.
(Trick): Love yourself first then take your feet out the front door
and to the very first person you meet: Squeeze and don't let go.  Community is key.

Ladies and Gentleman, You are the church of you.
What is your Credo? Your theme song? What is your sermon?
My wish for you that it be life altering for the good of ALL.  Amen.

Here's looking forward to being better people 
every morning we wake up for we are reborn each day.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Witch Wolf? Behind the scenes....

Five years ago I sat down to pen the book I knew was brewing in me since as far back as I can remember.  I was fresh out of my marketing position at LIVE 105 in San Francisco when I found a book No Plot? No Problem. Yureka! This little piece of gold was part of a larger picture though, a community of writers who commit the entire month of November to writing.  November in this circle is National Novel Writing Month.  I was hooked.

Well, it really took thirty days of avoiding friends, dodging holiday parties and getting to know the meaning of commitment and it was... done.
But It took another few years of editing, rewriting, hiring a professional editor, having a baby, soliciting agents and publishers, yielding rejection letters and being so closed to penning representation that I decided to just set this creative child free unto the world on my own.

Why?  Because this grand story is only part fiction. Of course names have been changed and I've followed the rules of fiction writing. However, it's a vivid and silly recollection of the time I was bullied in grade school because of my freakish like appearance.

At twelve years old, being overweight,  having no teeth and no hair does not make the best of days for a little girl. But without my parents and a handful of teachers encouraging me despite the daily drama from my peers I've lived through it to creatively mix fantasy with reality in hopes to encourage other children who may be or have been through similar circumstances that they too can overcome.

I've teamed up with Bob Schaeffer at Behavior Health Associates in Lehighton in hopes to provide education to local school children about effects of bullying.  A portion of the sale of Witch Wolf? The Curse will allow for an anti bullying program to be brought to a school near you.
Please contact me for a book drive in your school or more info.

Choosing to self publish was not an easy decision.
I've heard many people say that no one of any literary anything
will ever take me seriously as a writer.
little girl who had a great big story to tell inside of me.  
So I chose this past independence day to do such things :)
I also thought the self publishing route would most definitely honor the Green Mommy in me as Witch Wolf? The Curse is available as print on demand. No excess copies or trees wasted in the production.  (Please & Thank you!)

Since I've written Witch Wolf? The Curse I've also been blessed to pen a TV pilot, a few scripts and of course the next book in the Witch Wolf series: Sibling Rivalry. I've also created GreenMomGreenbaby, and am blessed to contribute to the amazing Dark Beauty Magazine as Krafty Kitty (Resident White Witch). Here, I continue to blog about the amazing paranormal adventure my life has become.  I couldn't be more proud to have a beautiful daughter who continues to inspire me to be the best person I can be every day - hence giving birth to my second, inner child;
 Witch Wolf? The Curse.

Thank you for supporting the sale of Witch Wolf? The Curse.
Thank you for coming back and continuing to share this creative space with me.
I am honored and in gratitude.

Much love
Michelle L. Gallagher

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Don't get even. Get even better.

Vision boards. Goals.
Transformation to do lists.
Shaking off the old and welcoming the possibility of the new YOU.

Looking for the north star to keep me true to whats good & honest amidst the cardinal grand cross that has now been activated with July 1st's solar eclipse and the light it's so brilliantly shining through the cracks of our foundations.

Ah, but thankfully tis the grand finale of Eclipse season.
Whew. I thought it would never end!!
June was some serious shit huh?

On the paranormal level, things have been pretty quiet the past few weeks.
No strangers standing in my doorway in the middle of the night. But things are starting to heat up again and at a rapid pace.
Uncrossed spirits looking for attention and perhaps to escape. I've gotten some eerie questions from people online and in new circles. There is also a very familiar man at work that's come around and made himself known to a few people.  Kinda feel like he's calling me out cause I've ignored him (we grew up together) so long.  Stay tuned ....

But reality seems more like the twilight zone as of late.
Things happening right there...BAM! in your face on a daily
I don't think having any expectations of people or situations is healthy. Period.  
You shouldn't expect people to be inherently good or genuine.

Disappointment is ...judgement is....inevitable.
You are your true north.

My phone has been blowing up to concur.
Friends, peers & loved ones near and far certainly are feeling the effects as to what is going on above us in the universal skies.
Life has become somewhat of a circus for so many. (Big hugs all around)
If you think that you are dealing with some shit right now - again- YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
So in your misery, please - please - do not forget to be kind to yourself and one another.
We are all suffering on some level. 
Whether it's a lost iphone or the unexpected death of a loved one, the ending of a relationship or job.
It could be a sudden sprained foot. The point is, the fan has been hit with zee poop.
Deep breaths.
What is it (zee poop) trying to tell you??  As gross and smelly as it is, there is a lesson - a message - an uncovering of things we just didn't know before.

The series of eclipses throughout June were tense and nothing short of dramatic.
Emotions I bet you never thought you knew existed welled up and found there way out of you some how.
Personally, what physically manifested for me was way beyond my imagination.
But I'm humbled to take the time to really listen (and watch) as to what the hell is going on in my body, physically, spiritually and otherwise.
Purging demons is no easy task.
Especially when they've lived among you as friends for years making you feel safe within the confines of their madness. Ending the madness is only the beginning.
Truth will sting like a mother fucker at first but damn, it sure can set you free.

Being uncomfortable with recent events worldly (and lake) has shown me an enormous flaw
within my own system I didn't even know existed.
To err, I suppose is.... I AM,
WE ARE but
This is but our natural design, to learn as we go. To admit that we are by nature...not perfect.
What a concept.
I just wish others would have the courage and the consciousness to apologize (sincerely) when their imperfect runneth over.

On the home front, for the very first time, I'm not mentally running away or burying my head in some west coast dream because of heart breaking revelations & shit going down beyond my damn control.
I'm staying alert to what's coming even letting it gag me then wretch it's way through my skin, my throat - my mouth. True story.
I'm grounding myself in the present deep within the woods working hard for a paycheck instead of waiting to win the lottery.
Hiding will only destroy the person I'm supposed to become not the person I was.
The girl I was a year ago, six months ago, two weeks ago even is now long gone.

Is this also true for you? Who were you then? Who are you in this moment?

Rebirth occurs every morning we wake.
This is the first day of our lives.  Nice to meet you.
Happy Independence day!
Keep your eyes wide shut in meditation and your ears tuned into the silence if you can.

The universe is truly calling our bluff.
Big time.

Be well my friends.

Much love

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