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Congratulations In Your Pursuit of Happiness Tour.

Originally written July 28th - REPOST:

I love life.  I love, love.
The idea of it, the act and actions there fore to express
and translate it in every circumstance of every corner of the world possible.
 I believe it should conquer all for the good of all.
I love possibility and the possibility of being love in every walk of life, in every type of individual the Universe has created.
I believe that is important to live out your days with 
LOVE in the back of your mind and to meet and greet strangers with this mantra.

But not everyone agrees with this or would even like to try to
flow in a more harmonious vibration.
I'm not perfect in this want or way of life though. And so it goes - day by day. Amen.

Sunday (July 24th) I asked the universe for a sign. I needed a sign!
When I got to work and a small bird was trapped in the basement.
The little feathery thing was trying to get out of a closed window.
It was as far as it possibly could be from the open doors it flew in. I knew I had …

Witch Wolf? Behind the scenes....

Five years ago I sat down to pen the book I knew was brewing in me since as far back as I can remember.  I was fresh out of my marketing position at LIVE 105 in San Francisco when I found a book No Plot? No Problem. Yureka! This little piece of gold was part of a larger picture though, a community of writers who commit the entire month of November to writing.  November in this circle is National Novel Writing Month.  I was hooked.

Well, it really took thirty days of avoiding friends, dodging holiday parties and getting to know the meaning of commitment and it was... done.
But It took another few years of editing, rewriting, hiring a professional editor, having a baby, soliciting agents and publishers, yielding rejection letters and being so closed to penning representation that I decided to just set this creative child free unto the world on my own.

Why?  Because this grand story is only part fiction. Of course names have been changed and I've followed the rules of fiction writing…

Don't get even. Get even better.

Vision boards. Goals.
Transformation to do lists.
Shaking off the old and welcoming the possibility of the new YOU.

Looking for the north star to keep me true to whats good & honest amidst the cardinal grand cross that has now been activated with July 1st's solar eclipse and the light it's so brilliantly shining through the cracks of our foundations.

Ah, but thankfully tis the grand finale of Eclipse season.
Whew. I thought it would never end!!
June was some serious shit huh?

On the paranormal level, things have been pretty quiet the past few weeks.
No strangers standing in my doorway in the middle of the night. But things are starting to heat up again and at a rapid pace.
Uncrossed spirits looking for attention and perhaps to escape. I've gotten some eerie questions from people online and in new circles. There is also a very familiar man at work that's come around and made himself known to a few people.  Kinda feel like he's calling me out cause I've ignor…