Remedium Amoris

 - The cure for love is still in most cases that ancient radical medicine: love in return. - (Daybreak, Neitzsche)

The WORLD needs more love letters. 
I firmly stand behind this regardless of how reckless I've been.
There's too much chaos, madness, sadness and death permeating the air - infecting us with it's treason, spite & revenge.  
Love is often the harder choice when shit is hitting the proverbial fan blowing a ton of WTF at us. 

According to every guru, theology and hippy on Haight street -  love should be injected into each person and area of our lives despite it all. 
It should be universal and free. When we are hit with a mass amount of negative energy from an individual - returning love to them breaks the cycle because it is unexpected. 
Like a secret weapon. PA-POW! Glittery pink hearts will kick your middle fingers ass! Perhaps The Beatles then were on to something. 

Yesterday the wise crone whispered "The heart betrays us." 
She smiled in a way that I've never seen before. It confused me. 
As does this: despite deepening my grand physical, spiritual and other worldly journey, my heart is stuck somewhere between reading Neitzsche quotes in a faux Russian accent (even though he's German) and singing Jewel while driving aimlessly on a Tuesday afternoon. 

If the adage 'abscence makes the heart grow fonder' were to stand up looking for a testimonial yours truly may shake her head and boldly confess to such sins. 

There's nothing I'd love more than to just feel normal about what's happening with the muscle in my chest despite my shrinking physique or the "peacefulness" that has settled on my new face.  
The wise woman said I was lit up with amazing health and great chi. 

But my betraying heart is jamming up my new light saber. 
So I had to write this unexpected letter ....



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