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Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Deep within the walls of your cocoon, (your home, your very own skin) wretches the butterfly as it changes from Caterpillar beneath the three eclipses that have now come to force us into deep self actualization and radical transformation.

Sing with me ....Cha, cha, cha - chan- GES!
Welcome to Eclipse season.
What's dark will now be light. What's weak will now phase out from your life despite your best wishes.
Enter beginnings and with every new beginning becomes someone else's or somethings end.  Amen.

The first eclipse took place June 1st. A solar eclipse which usually means happy new beginnings.
The second falls Wednesday June 15th and hits close to home (literally).
Finally, the last (& for moi expected to be the most chaotic) will make it's arrival July 1st highlighting friends.  Weeeeee!
This is almost a mirror of what happened last year at this time. (Totally gonzo!)
But what it means to all is that change is inevitable.
Please take the time to read more about them at Susan Miller's  You can also get your full month's astrology report their. Susan rules!

In real life terms when it comes down to it - Eclipses mean: what and how you react to the wild card of changing winds.  It's not going to be an easy road my pet. So get a pen, grab a bottle of water and some running shoes and get ready. Oh, keep some tissues on hand. Just saying!

No bullshit, this is a very delicate time. Things will be thrown at us that are unexpected and jilting (if they haven't started happening already).  People in my close parameter are running for cover because of the news the universe has dropped on their doorstep. My phone is ringing and the other end seems to be filled with self doubt and very much sadness.
I myself am wondering - what the fuck? when will it end?
But there is good news too. Hold on to it. Every day is a rebirth and a new beginning and we have to keep reminding ourselves of that.

This time can also be a time where depression can creep in despite the sunshine.
It has the capability of grabbing hold of your throat and choking until you feel as if self medicating may be your only option. That's the darker side of the eclipses and I'm here to tell you to FIGHT BACK.  Find your inner warrior and punch, kick and scream!
FIGHT your inner demons, your self loathing, your loneliness, your self pity with every ounce of strength that you have.
FIGHT your nagging voice, the memory of your parents or bullies or ex lover putting you down.  FIGHT the fear of the unknown and stand firm in your ground.
FIGHT the urge to drown your pain in someone else or something else that will only be a temporary escape.

You are a powerful, beautiful, amazing soul.  Believe it.

In your cocoon you have the ability to listen, learn and grab a hold of WHO it is you really are, WHY it is your here and WHAT you are going to do about it.

As I sit and type these words that I feel so blessed to share, it's almost as if I want to scream them at the top of my lungs. I am living and breathing the same phenomenon.  You are not alone. I have seen too many people let go of who they are and why they are because of the pain of change that they can not stand to bare. Good, solid, strong, successful, beautiful people on their knees begging to know why.

And I say the same thing every time. Don't ask me. Ask yourself & listen!
If you don't like the answers. Change the equation. Change.
Ask better questions. Change again.
Ask for better results.

For those who are 'spiritual', I beg you now to call upon your higher power to arm you with the tools and means necessary to be a better person every day.  If you don't have one, find something - anything that leads you away from a path of self destruction and hurt and on to a path of wellness and healing.

For me, seeing the butterflies while I walk or outside my window remind me that change no matter how horrifically painful it can be is inevitable and yet has the possibility of being the best thing that could ever happen- leading us to our ultimate best self- radiating true beauty both inside and out.
The darkness is necessary.  It is the yin to our yang.
It is horribly silent and we want to scream because no one sees or hears us crying but it has the capability of being loud when our smiles wake to see a brand new day.

When you fine tune who you really are, when you plug into your true vision you transform your world around you. Keep this in mind as the eclipses throw their wildcards.  This is a time to become strong and to accept the true good that life and YOU have to offer. Hold the image of what you want and who you want to be at the forefront of your mind.  Hold that image in kindness in love.  Do not color it in pain killers or drown it in wine coolers.
Let that bright, sparkly, glittery, beautiful image come to life.  Let it breathe and grow inside you. Wings ready?

Do not keep hold of what no longer serves you.  If it hurts, then cut it out even if it's a him or her or a nagging relative or a habit you know you need to shake!
Your amazing example will lead others out of their darkness and the land of eclipses and shadows that they may have fallen into.
We are all in this together people- a community of warriors about to be reborn to the earth into our true selves.  No bullshit.

Throughout the next month, hold sacred a space for yourself - find a place to get in touch with your warrior and feel yourself reborn, yummy, whole and living life fully, abundantly and lovingly every day.

Good luck to you & Blessed Be,


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