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Inauspicious time for wishes

Get comfortable being uncomfortable she said. Twisting and turning, breathing to get it perfect. It's never perfect.  I'm not perfect. Nothing is as it seems.
I stand in a hallway of windows staring into the water that attracts madness and life. I too want to plunge into their depths to silence the alarms, the howling dog next door. The woman who committed suicide two doors up is knocking to remind me, crazy is as crazy does. She's peering in my windows and I need to send her home. Yet I haven't the strength to muster up any of that at the moment. Beneath the covers are the only place I want to hide, eyes wide shut.
I've seen home. I've felt it. It doesn't feel or look like the pain that is served daily. It's bright, fluid and peaceful.  Eyes closed, I try dialing, faster. Nothing. My guts are twisting and turning.  My souls debt grows.
It is in our best interest to align with nature, yet today she shuts us out and spits at us, leaving us wet,  cold, wonder…