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Unexpected Guests & Their Advice on Assholes. (2yrs ago today)

When I got into bed Saturday night, footsteps erupted downstairs as if
twenty people had run in my front door.

There was sneezing, heavy breathing and light chatter too.

I looked at Sophia who only moments before had woken up and begged to sleep in my bed.
It was after midnight.     She too heard "the people” downstairs.   Her reaction was nonchalant. “Don’t worry Mama. They won’t be here long.”
It started when I was outside trying to build a bonfire.   I wrote prayers on paper and asked for guidance as I lit each note.
I all but begged Spirit to take my pleas to the sky. 

Then I heard voices and the footsteps in the brush beside me. But I immediately dismissed it as exploring kids or neighbors having a party a few doors down.
Perhaps there were a few deer rummaging around for a late night adventure? The damn fire would light for only a moment or two. The wood hissed at me.
The darkness around the house seemed darker.
I got up and did a quick walk about, witnessing all of the…