Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today's Forecast - A new beginning.

March 1st.
The window in my room is open to compliment my spring cleaning in stilettos.
The sun is beaming in the sky.
Meditation, relaxation and a clear mind is perfect to begin my new project with Arlene Duggan.
Arlene is a renowned Psychotherapist from Long Island.
She is also a Psychic Medium.
I have worked with her to help better understand my abilities for almost a decade now and have referred her love to dozens of others.
She baptized my beautiful daughter and continues to shine a loving, light on all of my bumps in the night - and in waking life.

To call her a friend is truly a blessing.

Today she will retell me her story.
We will go on a journey to which I will document and cherish the entire ride.
We are open to the universe's divine message and intend to share that with you.

I'm looking forward to brave enlightenment - together.
Wish us all luck.

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  1. I send you my best today and everyday, my love and friendship is eternal...


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