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I’m caught in a web of personal disaster and global madness.

The Japanese earthquake (The Chile Earthquake) the about to be nuclear meltdown is just a hair on the head of the beast about to rip its teeth into the masses. 
Can you feel it breathing down your neck?

The ring of fire is lit. Some are saying that
“The New World Order” is underway.

Haliburton is putting kids in juvenile detention centers while continuing to build a corporate army to do it’s dirty deeds. The rest of us who aren’t part of the code will be left to fight the civil war that is about to erupt.  The Global war has always been underway.

Hawaiin people will moved to California for safety.
Iodine pills will be swallowed all along the Pacific Coast as night caps or with vitamins in the blazing sun light.
Libya is just another volatile country a number at this point.
Does North Korea have anything it would like to say?
While the United States is at war with everyone, Mother earth wages war against it’s own stage four cancer: US – the human race.
We are but the mold on the crust of the planet, multiplying rapidly. Sucking the last life-blood from the very vessel that carries us through space.

None of us belong anywhere. We are not of sound mind to help ourselves.
We are turning on each other and our loved ones by the minute. The planets have been aligning to make it so.  There are too many coincidences to not think that the puzzle is being finished right before our eyes.
If Jesus came back, the question is not what would he do, but would he bring an army to fix this?

I can no longer deny that something much larger is alive and lurking among us.  I can’t say I fully agree with all of the conspiracy theories that are flying about but I will say that we are deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to the truth.  We are too wrapped up in our overly important lives, tweeting our day away to wonder, what then – is next for us? What as a people shall we do to reverse the tide? 

Ladies and Gentlemen, gather your values. Get informed on a level that’s not AOL News or TMZ. Buy some food and water.  
If you can live off the land then so be it.
I don’t think aliens will even be an issue – we are the fucking issue. 
We did this to ourselves.

Get right with your God Ladies and Gentlemen.  Whatever that means to you.  Get right with your God cause this is not a movie.  
This reality show has no network to negotiate with.


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