I am grateful to share an excerpt of the work I am continuing to do with Psychic Medium and Psychotherapist Arlene Duggan.  

March 22, 2011
Wandering into the globe. – Arlene Duggan

Global consciousness is extremely important now. However, we need to be very careful not to freak out. With the exception of 9/11, we have been very protected as Americans within in our country.
In light of the earthquake and tsunami, we would have never have responded as humanly as the people of Japan have to their crisis. We most certainly would have been dog eat dog. Coming from NY I’m aware of how people rip at one another. You can look at the news every day and see the base element of our nations people coming out in this time of economic and global crisis. Then you look at Japan and you see their people sustaining the food and gas lines with great dignity.

When it comes to Libya and khadafi – as a nation we certainly cannot afford another war yet we are there. The umbrella that Obama has labeled as “support” in this dire situation is false. We are the ones that supplied the missiles that are destroying their country.
Now, there is breaking news from Afghanistan of atrocities committed by Americans, the same dark things that we have been accused of in Iraq. It hasn’t been fully explained at this time, but we need to own it. We need to own the violence that we breed in this country.

We also have to own the power of money in our society and how that determines how we judge human beings, an area or an event. There is so much that goes on within our modern culture that is counterproductive to our human growth.

Today I’m thinking of paying more attention to shamanic and indigenous religions, the writings of the tribesmen of the world. I have mentioned previously that they have a wisdom that is way beyond the traditional religions. Don’t get me wrong I am not putting one religion or another down. What I am saying is that right now, we are truly missing out on the intelligence and the healing and destructive powers of the earth. First, we must acknowledge that the earth is in charge of us.  Not vice versa. We also must acknowledge that the entire globe will be redesigned. Some countries will physically disappear and be annihilated.  Others (Hawaii) will leave their homeland and immigrate and infiltrate throughout the United States.
We also have to be fully aware of the acceleration of earth’s events: from volcanoes erupting and major earthquakes right down to our own stupidity. By this I mean we have built a nuclear reactor on every fault line. For example there is a reactor just around West Chester New York. It seems that for some reason our nuclear reactors mostly lie on these very precarious lands. Is it an unconscious death wish?
It has been predicted, particularly the New York reactor’s case that there will be a significant quake within a short period of time.

Native American’s said we (the modern American people) float around in a dream like state. A good reference would be kamu’s book, The Plague. The author talks about big society, and big busy life where everyone runs around about their own self-servant business. But beneath all of that lies rats who carry the plague. It’s not acknowledged until it erupts and kills thousands and people run away. One particular character who is an atheist, who believes in nothing, stays and cares for every person he comes in contact with and ultimately he dies. This is the definition of a true saint.
We have to acknowledge the immensity of the current issues economically, globally, biochemically. At the end of the day, we are at the mercy of all it.

But what does that mean to us personally?
1. Don’t come (operate) from a place of fear. Understand that we (you and I) are not meant to be here for the long haul. Death is inevitable. What we are talking about in terms of the continents reordering may not happen right now. But we do not know for sure. The bottom line is that if we come from a place a fear we will be paralyzed.
We must live in the present, not rushing ahead of ourselves to control what we do not know. As a society we are superficial.  There are individuals who live good, holy, creative lives, but in large we judge by material things we all have which can blow up on us at any time as we can see with Japan. The thin that is interesting – they can report from Japan what is going on – I will sit in amazement and watch it knowing that thousands of people just disappeared. They are no longer subject to the earth – probably lucky if you think about the bigger picture.

2. Acceptance. We just have to accept it. Be honest and embrace the future and all it’s possibilities.

3. Blossom where planted. Wherever you are, meet everyone with love. Living from love and not from fear is the hardest thing to do. But acknowledge the goodness in people. Even those we normally would perceive as bad because of their actions.

4. Understand that prayer is much more powerful than we give it credit. Prayer for the earth and the creatures of the earth has a great energy. It won’t solve our crisis but it will change us as individuals to understand that we are a mere grain of sand on a beach.
If we can dialogue and connect to like-minded individuals we can create community and take care of one another and face whatever comes our way with courage out of love.


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