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I am grateful to share an excerpt of the work I am continuing to do with Psychic Medium and Psychotherapist Arlene Duggan.  
March 22, 2011 Wandering into the globe. – Arlene Duggan

Global consciousness is extremely important now. However, we need to be very careful not to freak out. With the exception of 9/11, we have been very protected as Americans within in our country. In light of the earthquake and tsunami, we would have never have responded as humanly as the people of Japan have to their crisis. We most certainly would have been dog eat dog. Coming from NY I’m aware of how people rip at one another. You can look at the news every day and see the base element of our nations people coming out in this time of economic and global crisis. Then you look at Japan and you see their people sustaining the food and gas lines with great dignity.
When it comes to Libya and khadafi – as a nation we certainly cannot afford another war yet we are there. The umbrella that Obama has labeled as “supp…


I’m caught in a web of personal disaster and global madness.
The Japanese earthquake (The Chile Earthquake) the about to be nuclear meltdown is just a hair on the head of the beast about to rip its teeth into the masses.  Can you feel it breathing down your neck?
The ring of fire is lit. Some are saying that
“The New World Order” is underway.
Haliburton is putting kids in juvenile detention centers while continuing to build a corporate army to do it’s dirty deeds. The rest of us who aren’t part of the code will be left to fight the civil war that is about to erupt.  The Global war has always been underway.
Hawaiin people will moved to California for safety. Iodine pills will be swallowed all along the Pacific Coast as night caps or with vitamins in the blazing sun light. Libya is just another volatile country a number at this point. Does North Korea have anything it would like to say? While the United States is at war with everyone, Mother earth wages war against it’s own stage four cancer: US…

Earth's Consciousness - Dear Japan

March 1st - Sitting in a room across from Arlene Duggan. A psychotherapist, psychic medium who I also am blessed to call a friend and mentor. I sit down and open my lap top to record some of her stories about the experiences she's encountered with those who no longer walk among us and the following is the prologue.
Reality is traumatizing. Mother earth is spewing and changing and demanding us to pay attention and yet, we are not. We as a people are compartmentalizing as we look at the world as something we can ultimately control. However, we cannot.  The earth will eat us and spit us out long before we have control of her.
We can see it now with a redefinition of the continents: The Christ Church of New Zealand, fires in the Miami wastelands. Tsunami's on the horizon (now/today we watch Japan engulfed and wait for raging waters to hit Hawaii and California) The earth continues to heave and spew.
I sit in this little metal box called my "house" and think to myself that it…

Today's Forecast - A new beginning.

March 1st.
The window in my room is open to compliment my spring cleaning in stilettos.
The sun is beaming in the sky.
Meditation, relaxation and a clear mind is perfect to begin my new project with Arlene Duggan.
Arlene is a renowned Psychotherapist from Long Island.
She is also a Psychic Medium.
I have worked with her to help better understand my abilities for almost a decade now and have referred her love to dozens of others.
She baptized my beautiful daughter and continues to shine a loving, light on all of my bumps in the night - and in waking life.

To call her a friend is truly a blessing.

Today she will retell me her story.
We will go on a journey to which I will document and cherish the entire ride.
We are open to the universe's divine message and intend to share that with you.

I'm looking forward to brave enlightenment - together.
Wish us all luck.