Putting Ghosts To Bed

To the ghosts that chased me three thousand miles away.
I came back to hunt you. You were no where to be found.

Always thought you were a figment of my imagination;
girl interrupted with a rock and roll twist.
But you were real and I wouldn't know until by chance
I ran into strangers far far away
who believed in you too.

I came clean about the ghosts from my past to my closest friends this past week.
It was about time. I needed to get it off my chest.
But now that everything is out on the table, California has been quiet.
It's made generous room for my grief and is closely listening
to my daughter make up songs and sing as soon as the wind moves her.  She demands a LOT of attention.

But despite everything, I'm in awe of the Universe and how it has shown me over and over that everything that should be - IS.
Even if the is "isn't" ideally what I want at the moment.
There's always a sunset to look forward too no matter which coast you are on.

So to my ghosts I say,
Thank you and Good Night.  


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