Yule & Lunar Blessings

Tonight under the light of the moon
robust and glorious
I no longer feel like a paper bag floating in the wind
waiting for life to bring to me what is meant to be

Tonight I shed the things that no longer serve me
insecurity, chaos and attracting things that aren't in harmony
with the life that I want

Tonight a new candle is unwrapped, placed in a shiny new vase
I invite the light into our life
The darkness has drowned us
when we wake up
the moon will be blood red
shining to shed skin that no longer serves

Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury
there is no were else to go
but back to the source

cut off all the appendages that don't fit or make you happy
stab them with a knife made purely from love
heal your wounds with patience
spring is coming
she's whispering sweet nothings to you in the trees
but not in the mistletoe leaves

In the meantime, protect yourself from thunder
from lightning
and from all other evils that call your name from your flat screen TV
Eat, pray, LOVE.

Turn on the lights knowing
today is the first day of the rest of your life
the wheel in the sky makes it so


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