New Year, New You. New Me.

I've encountered so many that have said they experienced so much loss, pain and heartbreak this past year.  
It's no surprise really with all of the planetary action upstairs that hasn't occurred in hundreds of years that down here we would feel the ripple effect.  A series of eclipses, the cardinal cross that shook everyone to their core and other planetary interaction and action highlighted weaknesses in every relationship (including with ourselves) that led us to sleepless nights and hearts filled with doubt & worry.

But beyond the pain and tears, beyond the chaos of what we all went through
there is light.  
And there is still so much to be in gratitude of.  One thing is for sure - I am grateful for the opportunity and the possibility of radical change.  What I know for certain is, it takes more than hope and wishing to make it happen. 

Radical change depends on radical action.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud, an artist I met while in Sonoma a few years back continues to speak to me through her work.  To inspire radical change in my own life and in yours - I've included her 22 Questions for Moving on & setting intentions.  Let  us all vibrate toward a life we want with the clean slate of 2011 just moments away. 

1. What is it I am committed to starting?
2. What is it I am committed to finishing?
3. Who is it I am excited about being?
4. Who is it in me I am excited about letting go?
5. Where is it I will spend my time?
6. Where is it I will spend less of my time?
7. Who will I reach out to and connect with?
8. Who will I surrender and let go?
9. What is it I feel really good about?
10. What is it I need to forgive myself for?
11. What abundance am I going to bring forth?
12. What excess am I going to release?
13. How will I shine my light in the world?
14. How will I stop hiding my light?
15. How will I strengthen my relationship with Spirit?
16. What excuses will I no longer use?
17. What is it my soul longs to express?
18. What is no longer serving my soul?
19. How will I care for my body?
20. How will I no longer treat myself?
21. What was the theme for my 2010?
22. What will the theme be for my 2011? 

When you are finished answering the questions, may I suggest you make a list of everything you are grateful for. Everything.
Whether it's as simple as the smell off coffee in the morning or as complex as the love of your family.  List it.
If we live in gratitude at least two minutes a day, the clouds of what was, of what we lost will  begin to lift.  If we set intention for a life that we truly want to create our momentum and the things that will be attracted to us will reflect positively that who we are and who we really can be.

So to the universe, I say Thank you.  Thank you for highlighting the things that obviously needed to change.  With your help, we will move forward to create a life that we want minus the broken appendages and people that no longer serve us.

In Gratitude.
I am in complete gratitude of my gifts that let me be of service to my 
Higher Power and to the community.

I am in complete gratitude of my daughter, her health and her safety 
- For my family, their love and open arms as life led us  - home.

I am thankful for my friends, my support staff as I call them from near and far.  Without your strength and your laughter I wouldn't smile as hard.

What will be on your list?  
Let's shift our language from "worst year ever" to New Year, New Me - New You.  
I am here to share the journey with you - all of the way.
We are in this together.  

In Radical Love & Compassion, 


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