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Christmas Ghosts

Tis the season of last minute things to do, wrap presents, clean the house for guests oh
and clear unwanted spirits out of neighbors homes.

This morning I received an urgent call from BMPS founder Bob Shaeffer.
On Monday, Bob and I were scheduled to assess an urgent situation at a home near the Broadheadsville area involving two very young children.

Bob limits what he tells me about 99% of the cases so that I can have a clean slate walking into the homes with questionable activity. And I like it that way.
The only other thing he mentioned prior to this phone call were that things in the home were being thrown and that he personally could sense a presence there.

But this mornings call was a 911 response from BMPS after the family left several messages for Bob at 2:35 this morning.  The man of the house had the entire family locked in a room with a gun ready because of a heavy handed banging at the front door with - no one there - and no explanation for the loud noise.
Every member of the household had witnessed this phenomenon and were shaken to the core.

Of course, with this information my parents were more than happy to oblige in taking care of my young swallow while I hurried off to do the work that I've been called to by the Universe. I am so very grateful that they appreciate the gifts that I have and the love I want to give to others because of them.

When Bob & I pulled in the driveway, I noticed the family car had been running. The woman of the house wanted to keep the children away from our work.  A good idea not knowing what yet we were dealing with.
After introducing myself I did a walk through and felt nothing "evil" as the family had feared.
However, I did pick up on more than one energy - all of which were male.

I sat the family minus the man of the house who was called into work - down - to explain to them what had happened on their property as I had gotten a clear picture on my walk about.

A horrible tragedy had taken place on there involving a young boy, a hunter and a dog.
I'm not sure if the boy followed the man into the woods or was hiding on him but after he was shot and hunter realized what he had done, he took his own life - unable to find rescue / help for the child.
I felt the left side of my face fill with pressure as I watched the gruesome scene unfold. I saw the hunter bang on the front door.  It all made sense.
Bob complained of an unusual and swift onset of a sinus migrane.
The woman of the house said the night before - before the banging had taken place - the entire left side of her face was in pain. She even took a shower to try to relieve some of the unexplicable pressure.

I assured the Mrs. that since it was the holiday season, her house would continue to fill with spirits - especially those of friends and family past to welcome the couple's newborn son and to extend holiday blessings.
With that the family waited in the car while Bob and I began the cleansing ritual.

After a few of my designated clearing rites, I asked Bob to join me on the floor in the living room - and to please turn off the Franks Box!  As I may have mentioned before, he is a man of science but in the spiritual world, I need no distractions.

We filled the home with the Universe's love and light. I saw the hunter, the child and a dog stand next to us. I opened the door  and invited them join their loved one's  - I assured them that it was ok. That fear was the only thing keeping them here. The dog ran first and reluctantly - the hunter picked up the child and at the very same time I saw them walk through the entrance - BOB yelled. "They're Gone!  My head doesn't hurt anymore!"

We called the husband and explained to both he and his wife to acknowledge the good work that they had done in helping others who were desperately in need. The hunter was clearly attracted to the man of the house who also was an avid hunter himself - and clung to him after coming across his energy deer hunting in the woods on the property.

The important thing I really wanted the family to understand was - that if they changed the way they approached the "paranormal things" occurred that everything was going to be ok.  The next time they heard a bump in the night, I invited them to thank their loved ones for visiting. When you change your language from fear to love - then all of us - in this world and the next will be in harmony.

Christmas Blessings To You.
PS - Don't forget to say hello to your ghosts of Xmas Past.


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