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New Year, New You. New Me.

I've encountered so many that have said they experienced so much loss, pain and heartbreak this past year.   It's no surprise really with all of the planetary action upstairs that hasn't occurred in hundreds of years that down here we would feel the ripple effect.  A series of eclipses, the cardinal cross that shook everyone to their core and other planetary interaction and action highlighted weaknesses in every relationship (including with ourselves) that led us to sleepless nights and hearts filled with doubt & worry.
But beyond the pain and tears, beyond the chaos of what we all went through there is light.   And there is still so much to be in gratitude of.  One thing is for sure - I am grateful for the opportunity and the possibility of radical change.  What I know for certain is, it takes more than hope and wishing to make it happen. 
Radical change depends on radical action.
Shiloh Sophia McCloud, an artist I met while in Sonoma a few years back continues to speak to …

Christmas Ghosts

Tis the season of last minute things to do, wrap presents, clean the house for guests oh
and clear unwanted spirits out of neighbors homes.

This morning I received an urgent call from BMPS founder Bob Shaeffer.
On Monday, Bob and I were scheduled to assess an urgent situation at a home near the Broadheadsville area involving two very young children.

Bob limits what he tells me about 99% of the cases so that I can have a clean slate walking into the homes with questionable activity. And I like it that way.
The only other thing he mentioned prior to this phone call were that things in the home were being thrown and that he personally could sense a presence there.

But this mornings call was a 911 response from BMPS after the family left several messages for Bob at 2:35 this morning.  The man of the house had the entire family locked in a room with a gun ready because of a heavy handed banging at the front door with - no one there - and no explanation for the loud noise.
Every member of …

Yule & Lunar Blessings

Tonight under the light of the moon
robust and glorious
I no longer feel like a paper bag floating in the wind
waiting for life to bring to me what is meant to be

Tonight I shed the things that no longer serve me
insecurity, chaos and attracting things that aren't in harmony
with the life that I want

Tonight a new candle is unwrapped, placed in a shiny new vase
I invite the light into our life
The darkness has drowned us
when we wake up
the moon will be blood red
shining to shed skin that no longer serves

Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury
there is no were else to go
but back to the source

cut off all the appendages that don't fit or make you happy
stab them with a knife made purely from love
heal your wounds with patience
spring is coming
she's whispering sweet nothings to you in the trees
but not in the mistletoe leaves

In the meantime, protect yourself from thunder
from lightning
and from all other evils that call your name from your flat screen TV
Eat, pray, LOVE.

Turn …

everybody's changing and I don't feel the same

the carpet is yanked from beneath your comfort zone
your knowing
your intuition
everything is what is and not what you expected it to be
remember your name
remember who you were before someone else consumed you
made you feel less than you
surround you with substance

no one should point out your flaws
or want to take a break from you
an excuse
for something not yet to be named

throw back shots
to fit in
drink, work, drive drink
pop prescriptions in your fathers name
run from your truth
forget about emotions because feelings hurt you most
turn the music up
drown out the impact
car crash

everybody's changing
your still passive aggressive
from no one