City Speaks to me.

I spent this past weekend in New York City for business reasons
but I return to the trees with entire suitcase filled with unexpected knowledge
pertaining to Burlesque and ....ME.

The city streets were filled with people and lights of all shapes sizes and color.
I didn't know where to look first, last or next but I smiled ear to ear as my feet kept me on the ground.
I was happy to escape my reality and even happier about the cat calls directed at me.
Feeling pretty, felt good.

Seeing people that I knew/loved on the west coast - felt goooooood.

At the shows I was both inspired & disappointed.
The new comers to the scene came with full force, an energy and performance that left me screaming for more.  The more seasoned performers
(except Lux Lucroix who knocked my damn socks off) well - perhaps they think they have their craft down  solid- but honestly delivered somewhat stale or too crude acts.   One girl had her clothes of the entire time and did what people around me were confirming out loud - an entire raunchy strip club romp.
Made us want to higher our standards and demand more from our performers because indeed - our audience deserves it.

But I took away inspiration for my act a new a renewed love for myself and for good ole NYC.
Gladly I found something that I was missing since May - my mojo.
New York was just the medicine needed after moving in a tropical storm and the earthquakes that erupted in my life turning everything upside down.  I am not the drama that came down around me.

I love life.
I love laughter.
I love art and culture and my god
I LOVE SMILING and feeling beautiful.

I won't ever let anyone or anything come in the way of those things again.
I will only surround myself with people who feed my soul in a polite and positive way.



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