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Back in the Ghost Saddle....Again.

Tonight I had the pleasure of having an intimate evening with my "goonies",
The Blue Mountain Paranormal Society.  
I rejoined my fellow investigators at the infamous Broney's Hotel in Lehighton.
Our fearless leader made a scheduling conflict. We should have been hosting a public event.  Instead it was five of us, no outsiders.

I embraced it as a huge blessing.

I had proverbial 'bones' to pick with Ms. Helen Broney - the former owner of the hotel who attached to me. Doing this in front of paying customers who have had no background or history as to what happened at this God forsaken place didn't need to be involved.

I lit a white candle and invited the group to the only area that had couches - which coincidentally - was the same venue that I also experienced a "walk in" last year.

I lead my fellow investigators through a grounding meditation.  We called upon the energy and spirits within the dwelling to join us for conversation.
It wasn't long before all of us felt colder, some of us numb and then the names came. I felt three males enter the room from the bar area.

Until ring ring - we were interupted by our fearless leaders wife.

Ugh. Repeat and try again.

Todd brought out the Franks Box and for some reason, I wasn't able to fully hear what everyone else was hearing.  It felt as if I was being protected in a bubble  - the only thing I could equate it to was listening to people talk while sitting under water.

Bob saw a man dressed in army gear standing next to the fireplace.
He had his back toward us. Todd saw him too.

I asked the Box if Helen was with us.  I was eager to know. Everyone, including myself heard

I asked if she knew she was hurting me - if she meant to physically hurt me - all of us heard
not once - but twice.

I wasn't scared. I was pissed.
I was pissed that what was rumored to be a "white witch" would dare to inflict harm on someone else - a stranger - to follow me home and boil my skin.  She didn't know me.  I mean, there are some people - at this point  that (knock on wood) should I get hit by a bus in the next five minutes -  I wouldn't harm even though they were horrid disgusting demons in my life.
This bitch didn't know me.  How dare she!

Soon enough, Joann suggested that we bring out the Ovilus.  Being that she works at the GYN - I found this quite amusing. However it's a portable box that spirits can talk through - unless the battery is dying. Then the device rambles like a crazy homeless person in the Tenderloin looking for H.
I've never experienced this aparatus before but I was excited to know that what was about to happen never has before for the group - ever.

Bob put the Ovilus in my hand. The little black box immediately emulated the voice of Speak And Spell.

Wow.  Bob had been yelling some things to provoke the energy and apparently he did.
Joann got up to adjust the video camera.  The Ovilus continued:
TWIST (she was twisting the tripod)
LIGHTS (Tod had turned on light that was like laser security in a wall street bank)

Then we heard names  - Scott and Jimmy.  (I can attest that one of these names was there specifically for someone in the room).

The box kept talking  - a lot!
Perhaps Bob (our fearless leader) who had questions about what the device was saying (about him) decided to change the batteries.

Damn it.


No luck for a good twenty minutes.  Until the box started talking about the Holidays and a Mercury and 15 a Highway and an accident.
Then there were ramblings of an electric fire starting outside - which - the first time I entered the building I told BOB that I'd ask the new owners to be cautious when working with the electrical workings of the hotel because I could feel a fire.

Danny remarked that there had been a fire previously.

Bob changed the setting on the Ovilus once more and the mechanism started rambling like a crackhead in withdrawl.

No more hits.  Within minutes we all remarked that the energy in the room was totally different.  It was time to go home.

It was amazing to be back. Not just at Broney's - but in the heart of the group.
I was happy to be present and in acceptance of who we are and how we walk between worlds.
We're the freaks, the geeks and the misfits. But we've got technology and belief backing us up.
The evidence we've collected in our extended investigation of Broney's Hotel is more profound than anything I've seen on the plethora of paranormal shows on TV.
We've got a great group of people who aren't performing for any audience or camera's.
They are truly curious to know the who behind the why and explain what has happened to them in their past.

I love my "goonies".  It's nice that they accept and respect the freak in me.



  1. Ahhhh! I would love to investigate there in such an intimate setting. There's always too much going on at the public investigations. However, I will be there on the 16th. Will you?


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