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Messages from the other side.

Tuesday evening I had my regularly scheduled meeting with my friend and Mentor - Arlene Duggan.
She's helping me re-tune my intuition.

While speaking with her about how things are coming along on a day to day, I had felt two male spirits in her home.  And so I made it known.

"Let's see who it is, shall we?" Arlene suggested.

I closed my eyes and tuned into the person who I could feel standing to my left.
Red flannel shirt, twiddling his thumbs.  Anxious.  I noted.

"He's from here - the land. He's the last of his family. They migrated here from England. He's portly, not round but a bigger man. "

I see that. I also goats. Two. I chuckled.
"And chickens, dogs and a small cottage."  Arlene added.

I began to imagine how lonely he must have been.
Primarily because only animals came to my mind then Arlene interrupted with "He's showing me his gun. He was a hunter, gatherer type. He lived off the land."
This pretty much confirmed…

Ladies & Gentlemen, This IS NOT show business.

Last night The Blue Mountain Paranormal Society gathered once again at Broney's for the public investigation fundraiser.

Bob (our fearless leader) asked me to speak after he diligently explained all of our ghost hunting gadgets.

Here's pretty much what I said:

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not show business. Although Bob may have explained how all of the ghost gadgets and gizmo's work in comparison to exact same ones you see on the plethora of TV shows saturating the airwaves, ladies and gentlemen I can assure you that this is not show business.

And although we are blessed to be here because this is indeed a fundraiser for us to get more gadgets I can assure you ladies and gentlemen that the place were you are sitting is indeed haunted.

I walked into this building over a year ago a little doe eyed, a lot naive and I left pissed off and emotionally and physically hurt.  Which brings me to my point ladies and gentlemen.
I don't care who you believe in.  Whether you walk …

Back in the Ghost Saddle....Again.

Tonight I had the pleasure of having an intimate evening with my "goonies",
The Blue Mountain Paranormal Society.  
I rejoined my fellow investigators at the infamous Broney's Hotel in Lehighton.
Our fearless leader made a scheduling conflict. We should have been hosting a public event.  Instead it was five of us, no outsiders.

I embraced it as a huge blessing.

I had proverbial 'bones' to pick with Ms. Helen Broney - the former owner of the hotel who attached to me. Doing this in front of paying customers who have had no background or history as to what happened at this God forsaken place didn't need to be involved.

I lit a white candle and invited the group to the only area that had couches - which coincidentally - was the same venue that I also experienced a "walk in" last year.

I lead my fellow investigators through a grounding meditation.  We called upon the energy and spirits within the dwelling to join us for conversation.
It wasn't long b…

City Speaks to me.

I spent this past weekend in New York City for business reasons
but I return to the trees with entire suitcase filled with unexpected knowledge
pertaining to Burlesque and ....ME.

The city streets were filled with people and lights of all shapes sizes and color.
I didn't know where to look first, last or next but I smiled ear to ear as my feet kept me on the ground.
I was happy to escape my reality and even happier about the cat calls directed at me.
Feeling pretty, felt good.

Seeing people that I knew/loved on the west coast - felt goooooood.

At the shows I was both inspired & disappointed.
The new comers to the scene came with full force, an energy and performance that left me screaming for more.  The more seasoned performers
(except Lux Lucroix who knocked my damn socks off) well - perhaps they think they have their craft down  solid- but honestly delivered somewhat stale or too crude acts.   One girl had her clothes of the entire time and did what people around me were con…