Friday, September 24, 2010

The Moon Shines Brightly Tonight

Illuminating the leaves that are quickly
turning from hues of green to shades of beautiful and death

the darkness is coming when the moon ways in thin again
tomorrow and the next day we move further still from the sun

soon it's time to go underground
take what we learned this spring and summer and bury it with us
gratitude journal, hot pink sharpee and all
take notes and take stock of what we did or didn't do and edit, scotch tape
pause for a moment of reflection
rinse and repeat

The higher ups and planets upstairs did an amazing job of shaking things up
internally and globally
I can only imagine the board meeting to which the disagreement first began
then suddenly everything was in peril

as it is above, so it is below

Now the seeds they have harvested within us are to be reaped and of course eaten sparringly
because of the economy and our ever growing bottom line
We pick up the pieces and pretend things will be fixed once Santa comes with his bag of tricks
in the mean time, they - THEY -  retreat somewhere to vacation far far away and ponder on how they'll be back to fix us
when it's time
when their done fixing themselves over cosmic cocktails and the occasional hook up
look up to see
everything is still in peril

Rome has already burnt to the ground
down here
we're still kicking and screaming
despite any technological or architectural progress
which is always met with a thick, silver, double edged sword
that drowns us in the Ego we can't let go of

The calculations as to which things will inherently get better of course
depends on the one thing that's out of control
Nothing in our lives is as clear as the fact that we need to get clear
each and every single one of us
clear of self pity, self doubt, self loathing and of course of EGO
of each other
and finally
of the significant others that pollute the notion of anything else
but LOVE in our day to day

There is a need for a consciousness that is greater than
"what should be given to me & what I deserve".

There is deficit of silence and self discovery
of meditation and personal reflection
but hopefully in the dark season
when the snow takes to ground level and prohibits us from existing the way we want
we embark
on the journey underground
beneath our skin
and bury ourselves next to our own bones and listen
to the silence
of being still
and one
the ALL.

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