Not your false prophet

So I will say - judge not - and less you will be judged.

In other news - You can lead a horse to the water but you can't make him drink it - although why wouldn't he/she - it's water for Christ sake.

I went to mass this past weekend - at the church where i grew up, lectured, sang, and delivered my grandmothers eulogy.
While I was happy to remember, I was also praying to forget the madness and chaos that has slapped me in the teeth and left me on my knees.
My voice was horse as I mumbled the responses....tried to sing the final hymn.
It was when everyone was exiting the building when the tears - fell like hot lava from my eyes.

But despite all the things that I was miserably aware of at that horrible hour and no less praying for
- I reeeaaalllllyyyy  miss GLIDE.

I miss Glide and thought about how moved the people where I live now MIGHT BE to dance and celebrate life beyond just living.  The mass I attended was so mundane and the sermon, snoozeable.

Of course when Cecil, spoke the good word -
no wait let me back up ....
when Co Pastor Douglas Fitch took to delivering a sermon
you were - are - inspired.
You want to stand at the top of your toes and clap your hands in the air or be moved to tears of joy that someone thinks the same that you do and has the balls to stand in a room filled with people who are present to BE PRESENT WITH SPIRIT.
You want to dance with the people in front of, behind you and next to you - not because they already are moving and swaying to the music but because you feel it too.....

Sadly - for me -
There was no spirit at mass on Sunday.  I just couldn't feel it. Maybe because it was the state I was in - the fact that I even brought myself to get to catholic mass 9am on a Sunday morning.
The sad part of it all - I found myself - judging - critiquing in the back of my mind - the whole thing.

Then I went searching.  Thank GOD for the internet.  Because for a minute or four - I was transported back to a place where people FEEL SPIRIT.
Here's a little taste of that.  7,500 members strong.

And if that blew up your skirt 
- take a peek at my boy Dougy Fitch.  


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