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Heartless Bastards

Is the band that I am enamored with at the moment.
This Janis Joplin like - rock and roll - passion pit of emotion.
I want to scream all the words even though I only listening to the whole album for the second time.
So pumped... that if I had my own band - I'd cover almost every single & promise to deliver it with a punch you'd notice.

I think about singing again all the time - or stand up comedy - or just writing - cause otherwise I'm horribly misunderstood.
Seeking acting classes to assist in covering the thoughts that bleed through my face.  And managing more - people's reactions to them.
Perhaps if I just sing someone else's bleeding heart or make people laugh,
it would be all they would come to expect of me and they'd err on the side of a lighter heart.

People's expectations of me suck. Especially when I'm trying to figure what they are - of myself.

When I told someone that I was watching comedy every night before bed and I was thinking of wr…

Not your false prophet

So I will say - judge not - and less you will be judged.

In other news - You can lead a horse to the water but you can't make him drink it - although why wouldn't he/she - it's water for Christ sake.

I went to mass this past weekend - at the church where i grew up, lectured, sang, and delivered my grandmothers eulogy.
While I was happy to remember, I was also praying to forget the madness and chaos that has slapped me in the teeth and left me on my knees.
My voice was horse as I mumbled the responses....tried to sing the final hymn.
It was when everyone was exiting the building when the tears - fell like hot lava from my eyes.

But despite all the things that I was miserably aware of at that horrible hour and no less praying for
- I reeeaaalllllyyyy  miss GLIDE.

I miss Glide and thought about how moved the people where I live now MIGHT BE to dance and celebrate life beyond just living.  The mass I attended was so mundane and the sermon, snoozeable.

Of course when C…