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today's forecast - more earthquakes

yet the ground beneath me lie still
all around though, foundations shook people to their core
most showed their - True.

Today I was in the presence of MANY people. Most of which, I could have traded for others whom I care deeply - about and miss.
Today was filled with strangers and they didn't serve or eat candy as a matter of fact.

Today I danced and I was hopeful then I wanted to quiet the world and be alone with the moon.
So I sat on the roof of my car at the foot of big boulder and had a conversation with her.


What is eating at my core is this:

There's too much heart break and heart ache going on. I can't take it. I feel like acid reflux is boiling through my veins.

When I was at BB - and the security guy passed by a-leven times.........I was listening to music..then some christian talk radio thingy on giving yourself to your god/life partner. Kinda want to scream into a pillow a little bit.