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Laying her to rest

I'm not sure if I should write about this just yet
- but I kind of want to get it off my chest being the day of the final service & all.....

I was contacted in November about a missing person's case
could I help?

could I?

A friend knew the head officer in charge of the case
- he asked for my contact info and I waited......
anxiously - nervously...really??
When the phone rang November 12th , 9:30pm it wasn't the State Trooper - I was expecting...
Instead - it was the daughter of the missing woman -
she identified herself and stated that the
State Trooper passed along my info to the her
(without EVER speaking to me, meeting me - etc.....)

Needless to say - I was a little overwhelmed. Did this cop totally trust me to do such a thing?
Also, because of my empathic nature - it's best that I don't work with (emotional) people or people close to the case ....I just need the facts mam.

However, I took the call & promised the young woman on the other end of the receiver
that the next day I was going to trace her mother's last whereabouts.
I would call her if I realized anything.

3pm, Friday the 13th - (right?)
I drove to a local D&D to wait for my cop friend & his cop friend
(neither the lead investigator on the case).......
Upon closing my car door, I was met with 13 very zealous strangers, some dressed in bright orange hunting gear and others in camo....some had walking sticks, others canteens & binoculars.


"Are You the Psychic?" the oldest gentlemen asked.
"Are You?" I replied in awe.
"I used to be but I don't have time for that shit anymore." he snarled.
I shook my head and listened to him assessing that this search party was anxious to get started.

I just had to pee - and clear my head.
What the hell was happening?

Waiting for my cop friend in D&D
- a woman asked me if I was the missing woman's relative.
No - I smiled.
"Are you the psychic?" she followed.
"I wouldn't say that ....exactly...I'm more like a radio ... that's come to pick up on her signal....But that's besides the point - how did you know I was coming - what's going on outside? I'm a little confused."

"The Mayor called all the media outlets to say that a psychic was called in to the case."

I turned from her and walked to my car to possibly get in it and hide...or drive away.
I saw my friend pull in as I fumbled around for an oxygen tank and breathing mask that oh yeah....I didn't have and while I was busy trying to remain grounded - I guess I missed the TV camera coming straight for my face.
Close the car door.....
"Are you the Psychic? Can we talk to you?"
"What? No!" I pushed the camera away from my face - "I have a family dude - and honestly - this isn't about me - it's about the missing woman."
The skinny buddy holly look alike with the heavy equipment looked confused. So I kept up... "Why are you here?"
Clearly - he was putt off MY questions.
"UM...Do you mind if I ask you questions off camera?"
"Um, I guess....."
I smiled then repeated myself - dude - this isn't about me - it so important to just keep the focus on the lady.

Completely overwhelmed - I walked back in to D&D to greet my cop friend who ironically was happy to be ordering coffee & donuts. "What's going on?"
He hadn't a clue.

Random people in D&D gathered around us to listen. It was so bizarre.
An employee from came from behind the counter with a cordless phone and handed it to me -
It's the radio station - they want to talk to you......

I shook my head and walked back outside.
Don't panic
Just breath
Don't panic
just breath
this isn't about you - it's about helping this woman get back to her daughter.....breath.

We decided to take 2 cars (the newspaper reporter in mine) and off we went ....

Almost two hours after I began - i was coming to a deadline
-I had an appointment to take care of - some hostile energy in a house across town......
So I had to end the circus of people following me like my own personal paparazzi

While I had been meditating on a bench by the river - I saw a carnival taking place behind me to the right.....when I opened my eyes - the entire bright orange and camo clad crew were in the brush...moving sticks, throwing rocks, and screaming upon finding a....KEG.
really???? a KEG?

So I stood on the park bench I was sitting on- and almost instantly the group gathered around -
I told them the following: thank you - so much for coming - today - you must have so much love in your heart for ________________.
But -
if you can continue watching - please do so late at night because - she's going to be moved from where she is -
she's not in the water - not now - she's going to be moved to the water......

i thanked them for coming - told them to keep praying as it stood because
they were her guardians....

I jumped off the park bench and begged the newspaper reporter not to print my name.
I didn't tell those people - or the reporter
what I told the cops......there's no way! I didn't want to start a riot ....

And now - on the day of her funeral -
I wonder if I had went on camera that day -
or if the lead investigator had talked to me about the things I truly saw and heard
....if things would be different .....

I went to honor her today.
I had to.
Even though I didn't know this woman on this walking plane
- I certainly was supposed to greet her in her death. I tried running from this opportunity screaming - believe me - it just kept coming back.
I couldn't walk away no matter what - how hard I tried.

...And for this - my first time....
November 14th - She clearly - stood in my kitchen and spoke to me - laughed - such a boisterous, grand laugh.
After hearing so many lovely things about her - this afternoon, I can't imagine that someone so kind and lovely - could exit or be allowed to- as such.

But regardless of THE how -
we all have some kind of ending.
We come in - we go out.
That was her finale.

She is happy though - so happy -
I got to know her - and her family - her daughter -
Her tragedy came to my doorstep, handed me a notebook and a golden unicorn music box (no really, and it played the day of her autopsy) and whispered in my ear- come see this.

And now, I am yelling from the top of the mountain- BACK to the universe

As of this date, I have yet to receive a call from the officer in charge of the investigation. I did however call him and he wasn't nice or helpful or even cooperative in terms of just being a human being. Which totally = BLOWS MY MIND being the daughter of a well respected and well loved - COP.

A Lesson Learned:
The things you demand of the universe will also make demands on you.


  1. Wow Mich.. I didn't know all that went down .. Crazy. - Tara


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