"I need a priest on speed dial".

One that's open minded so to speak.
But he's got a have a pair of balls.
One that calls NO BULLSHIT
and doesn't back down if needed.

Does anyone have any friends
or friends of friends in the area?

I'm also looking for medical professionals with the same attributes.

or super relious kickboxers?



  1. Michelle,
    We have not met, but I am a friend of Janna's and found your blog through her Facebook. I share your heartbreak. Also, I notice your are looking for a priest. I do not know if you have a particular kind of priest in mind, but I have quite a few friends who are ordained Zen priests, and I myself am preparing to be ordained in March. Don't know if this helps, but let me know. You can contact me at teneyck27@gmail.com.
    love and condolences to you, Julia


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