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The Sickness

While I heart this time of year, the unstoppable snot running down my 20 month old's face 
& vicious bug I have (and impolitely passed on to my fiance) 
doesn't reflect the prettiest colors of fall.  Bugger!

I so hate to pencil in sick during this busy schedule and while I have to take things lying down so to speak sometimes I resolve to forget about those putt off obligations
 by indulging in a little.... TV.  

While marathon ep's of the Kardashian sisters 
& Rachel Zoe make me giddy (do not judge)
-I found myself hungry for substance.  Feed a cold right?
Food channel, over it - don't have HBO.....Discovery always 
but the History channel 
Lately they've been running non stop 
Nostradamus revelations & OMG I get it already - 2012 is coming....the trailer for the awful Hollywood exploitation made my head almost explode!
But I digress....

Anyway - 
last night the HC dropped some major shit that I am still kind of reeling over today.
In a nutshell.....
Super Ancient Crop Circle/Symbols vs. Pyramids vs. Some dude named ENOCH (from the BIBLE) that was the first "writer" to report on alien space craft in history and archaeological digs that uncovered ancient pictures of today's high tech air vehicles.  
Time Travel?


Personally speaking - twice -in grade school - within three months time I thought I had seen something ridiculous in our sky.  The first time was with neighbors while driving the highway during twilight.  We all saw an object horizontally speed across the sky and stop - then - vertically ascend out of sight leaving us stunned and driving at 20mph the remainder of 8 miles home. 
Then, one night, when I could not sleep - I glared out the window at a star freckled sky praying for Jesus to take away my sixth grade anxiety 
when I saw it again - except - this time it looked like a star - but it behaved the same way - it shot across the sky horizontally and stopped right in the middle of my bedroom window - my world - as if it wanted me to notice and hovered there for what seemed like an eternity when you're holding your breath and trying not to blink. 

I know - you're wondering cold medication I'm on.  
But seriously - I can't help but think about the spirit of time and spirit - and how - during my short time with BMPS - seeing the evidence that we have - perhaps we are all one big MASH UP of time.....
Specifically - that PICTURE from The former Broney's Hotel ....with several generations of faces .....

are we the fourth generation of earth?  
are we the generation of earth's past?  
of other planets past?
Are we a dirty experiment of other species more intelligent? Perhaps a few?

the eight ball is full of vague it not?
I think that I will look deeper into this ENOCH fellow.  
Or should I watch another repeat of Kim and Khloe?



  1. Hi! Found your page while looking stuff up on the Broney Hotel - would you mind sharing with me what you mean by that PICTURE from the former Broney Hotel? I have somewhat of a history with the Broney Hotel - the old owner, Helen Broney was my aunt and I would spend many nights there when I was young. Thanks for sharing - Sandy Barich -


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