WHITE is the sum of all Colors. 

Black is the absence of color.

& The Darkness - 


I don’t want to believe in it. I don't.

I’ve seen it. I hear it.

& I’ve felt it no doubt.

I've heard it scream into the ears of frightened roomates at 3am  

& tried to banish gray shadows hovering other's beds.

But I don’t want to believe in it.


In the mean time - I do want to make it clear that

People have the choice to remove themselves from the above.

Sometimes they choose wrong in our life

– and do super fucked up things. 

BUT - I don’t want to believe in The Darkness

Because people on this plane, here do FUCKED up things.

However, what I want to REALLY, really  believe in is the LIGHT.

White light –Goodness

Kindness – Compassion

Freedom & Love

I know that having those things does wonders for a person, a community - a nation.....

& having the opposite really



Ladies and Gentleman, 

The difference can’t be compromised.

Act now. Be the sum of all colors.



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