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Another trip to the Haunted Hotel

So this past weekend, I made 2 (unplanned) trips to the former Broney's Hotel in Mahoning Valley - It's the location of the Blue Mountain Paranormal Society's Public Investigation.
I thought I'd share how very interesting they proved.

First - Friday evening - I was in the area shopping with my daughter when I got a flash that I felt concerned about - so I showed up unannounced to tell BOB our Co-founder that the "men in the basement" were annoyed terribly that we were coming in and out so often.

Saturday, My sister, Roxanne - was in town - so she asked me to tag along to the Public investigation.  It was her first official ghost hunting experience.

Between my sister and I, we could easily fill a large school bus full of people who we have buried in this life time. This is one of the reasons of my personal inquiry with leaving our earthly bodies - what is it that happens? 

I hadn't seen the BMPS group in action among a live audience. 
Bob gathered all participants in a room - and spoke about the history of the location, went into some of the things we captured there - and then explained the technology that we use to decipher if there is in fact a presence among the living. 

Bob had a picture passed around from the night before - one captured in the basement.
It was a TALL, BLACK SHADOW - you could- distinguish - that it was a man in a peacoat - perhaps with longer hair and a hat - the other unearthly and unexplainable phenomenon in this image was the orange light to the lower left of the shadow figure.  
It looked like a small fire.  But please remember - we roam around this building with no electricity.

During his presentation, my right shoulder felt unnaturally hot. I heard 
"This guy is Bullshit".
I knew it was one of the "men" from the basement.
Was it the same one from the picture? Is he ready to communicate?

My group was the first to the basement. Good. I had questions and I was ready to ask them.
When my team got down there - it was pretty uneventful at first until we heard footsteps coming from the other side of the room where non of us where even close to.   We went to check it out - the K2 meter showed some activity. I heard a mans' voice say "this is such bullshit!"  I knew I wasn't going crazy when two other girls in my group - 
heard "someone" say "BULLSHIT" aloud and questioned where it may have came from!

Later in the evening - all of the groups were called to a specific location on the first floor - the K2 meters were going bananas and a bat decided to join the party.  
We addressed the "spirit" lighting the K2 as HELEN - the woman who lived there and we since found out to have held seances, keep a special paranormal library and be very religious.
To me, Helen felt that her work here on this plane in terms of her "craft" was being validated.

So - I can't be grateful enough for the "activity" that my sister 
and I were able to witness together. It was awesome.  
But enough ghost stories for now......

The last thing I want to write - is -
I'm really stoked that Al Zagosky ran this article in the Times News Today


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