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We are All Our Own Devil

So excited to have completed my first two official "lectures" as a psychic/medium with the Blue Mountain Paranormal Society.This past weekend I was super fortunate to meet a really great group of individuals who were just - awesome all around. Both Friday & Saturday evening proved successful in terms of sharing information with people & making connections in this plane and in the one we can not see.
With that - wanted to share some things that I learned...on this weekends adventure: Bonnie - a woman in my group on Saturday gave me have an AHA moment. She shared the following thought: "Many people are taught to believe that we are a physical being with a spirit inside of us when in reality or so I believe it's the other way around. We are Spiritual beings much larger then the physical form who come into the physical and go out of the physical. Usually when I explain this I use a closed fist as an example of the physical and when I speak of how most people see …


WHITE is the sum of all Colors. Black is the absence of color.& The Darkness - Well...I don’t want to believe in it. I don't.I’ve seen it. I hear it.& I’ve felt it no doubt.I've heard it scream into the ears of frightened roomates at 3am  & tried to banish gray shadows hovering other's beds.But I don’t want to believe in it.Period.In the mean time - I do want to make it clear thatPeople have the choice to remove themselves from the above.Sometimes they choose wrong in our life– and do super fucked up things. BUT - I don’t want to believe in The DarknessBecause people on this plane, here do FUCKED up things.
However, what I want to REALLY, really  believe in is the LIGHT.White light –GoodnessKindness – CompassionFreedom & LoveI know that having those things does wonders for a person, a community - a nation.....& having the opposite reallySUCKS.Ladies and Gentleman, The difference can’t be compromised.Act now. Be the sum of all colors.VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

Another trip to the Haunted Hotel

So this past weekend, I made 2 (unplanned) trips to the former Broney's Hotel in MahoningValley - It's the location of the Blue Mountain Paranormal Society's Public Investigation.I thought I'd share how very interesting they proved.

First - Friday evening - I was in the area shopping with my daughter when I got a flash that I felt concerned about - so I showed up unannounced to tell BOB our Co-founder that the "men in the basement" were annoyed terribly that we were coming in and out so often.
Saturday, My sister, Roxanne - was in town - so she asked me to tag along to the Public investigation.  It was her first official ghost hunting experience.
Between my sister and I, we could easily fill a large school bus full of people who we have buried in this life time. This is one of the reasons of my personal inquiry with leaving our earthly bodies - what is it that happens? 
I hadn't seen the BMPS group in action among a live audience.  Bob gathered all participant…

The Sickness

While I heart this time of year, the unstoppable snot running down my 20 month old's face & vicious bug I have (and impolitely passed on to my fiance)  doesn't reflect the prettiest colors of fall.  Bugger!
I so hate to pencil in sick during this busy schedule and while I have to take things lying down so to speak sometimes I resolve to forget about those putt off obligations  by indulging in a little.... TV.  
While marathon ep's of the Kardashian sisters  & Rachel Zoe make me giddy (do not judge) -I found myself hungry for substance.  Feed a cold right? Food channel, over it - don't have HBO.....Discovery always  but the History channel  BINGO. Lately they've been running non stop  Nostradamus revelations & OMG I get it already - 2012 is coming....the trailer for the awful Hollywoodexploitation made my head almost explode! But I digress....
Anyway -  last night the HC dropped some major shit that I am still kind of reeling over today. In a nutshell..... Super Ancient…