Monday, October 26, 2009

We are All Our Own Devil

So excited to have completed my first two official "lectures" as
a psychic/medium with the Blue Mountain Paranormal Society.
This past weekend I was super fortunate to meet a really great group of individuals who were just - awesome all around.
Both Friday & Saturday evening proved successful in terms of sharing information with people & making connections in this plane and in the one we can not see.

With that - wanted to share some things that I learned...on this weekends adventure:
Bonnie - a woman in my group on Saturday gave me have an AHA moment.
She shared the following thought: "Many people are taught to believe that we are a physical being with a spirit inside of us when in reality or so I believe
it's the other way around.
We are Spiritual beings much larger then the physical form who come into the physical and go out of the physical. Usually when I explain this I use a closed fist as an example of the physical and when I speak of how most people see us I stick a finger into the fist to show how most people see our soul / spirit as inside the body but then I explain circling my hand around the closed fist that we are much more we are spirit who manifest into the physical. Stating we are out here ....circling the physical body and when the physical is gone we are still here. The other thing I try to always say is just consider ...and do the explanation ...I believe we can only guide another into a belief that each much come into their own understanding & truth".

That's some pretty powerful stuffs right there.

I also heard a song on the radio called Oscar Wilde - By Company of Thieves
It made me think about a lot of things I encountered this past weekend in waking state and not -when this glorious voice sang

WOW !!
This makes total sense - as people keep popping in and out of my life - some with the same questions - wondering why they have so much pain that they can't understand.
I offer this - We are all our own devils.
We create the world in which we live. Things don't just happen to us - they happen because of our thoughts - our energy - who we are at our core - how we walk the earth & which values we so choose to live out. The law of attraction is always at work. If you're negative
- until you break your pattern - you will continue to attract like things - like it or not.
we just need to grow a set of balls & believe this to be true.
Miracles are always possible. Always. We have the power to grow, heal and succeed in every aspect of our lives if we so choose to cultivate a life full of abundance.
The things "holding us back" the "patterns" we can't seem to break are mere stories that we tell ourselves to keep us from our full potential.

I was defintely my own devil this weekend - choosing to be frustrated within the context of things I myself created. No one else. But now that I'm looking back - the light is on - stay freggin tuned.

The information to adapt a better way of living this life is all around us.
We have so much access to revolt against mediocrity of our day to day in a truly positive way
yet we choose to be our own devil because it's the easiest and less risky option.

The last thing I want to say is THANK YOU -
to my team members &to the public members of my investigative group Saturday night.
It was the first time - I fully experienced a walk in that spoke through me
While - I do not know where I went when "Sam" came in
I will say that I was alarmed, I was physically altered and shaken
when I came to realize my limbs were heavy and numb,
my heart was boiling in my chest and it took all my strength to mutter words aloud.
The love & care I received allowed me to keep this alarming first experience in perspective although I am still in a bit of disbelief.

This also happened somewhat Friday evening but not to the degree that it controlled my entire physical being in pain on Saturday night. I am grateful that my ability and gifts continue to help me to learn all of the possibility of communicating with those who walk beyond the world of the living. But I felt as if I was on overload - to some degree - I could not, perhaps did not turn it off during my normal life - and wound up completely frustrated with visitors that I simply did not have availability for.
Thinking back now - couldn't have I just took a message instead of acting on what they told me to say/do? It would have saved a quite a bit of time and tears.

But it's all process.

As I continue my journey into the otherworld,
I appreciate your kind thoughts, your prayers, positive energy and love.

And since I had a made love affair with music this weekend -
I want to offer another song that will rock your F*n socks off:
"Shake it out" By Manchester Orchestra

Thursday, October 15, 2009


WHITE is the sum of all Colors. 

Black is the absence of color.

& The Darkness - 


I don’t want to believe in it. I don't.

I’ve seen it. I hear it.

& I’ve felt it no doubt.

I've heard it scream into the ears of frightened roomates at 3am  

& tried to banish gray shadows hovering other's beds.

But I don’t want to believe in it.


In the mean time - I do want to make it clear that

People have the choice to remove themselves from the above.

Sometimes they choose wrong in our life

– and do super fucked up things. 

BUT - I don’t want to believe in The Darkness

Because people on this plane, here do FUCKED up things.

However, what I want to REALLY, really  believe in is the LIGHT.

White light –Goodness

Kindness – Compassion

Freedom & Love

I know that having those things does wonders for a person, a community - a nation.....

& having the opposite really



Ladies and Gentleman, 

The difference can’t be compromised.

Act now. Be the sum of all colors.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Another trip to the Haunted Hotel

So this past weekend, I made 2 (unplanned) trips to the former Broney's Hotel in Mahoning Valley - It's the location of the Blue Mountain Paranormal Society's Public Investigation.
I thought I'd share how very interesting they proved.

First - Friday evening - I was in the area shopping with my daughter when I got a flash that I felt concerned about - so I showed up unannounced to tell BOB our Co-founder that the "men in the basement" were annoyed terribly that we were coming in and out so often.

Saturday, My sister, Roxanne - was in town - so she asked me to tag along to the Public investigation.  It was her first official ghost hunting experience.

Between my sister and I, we could easily fill a large school bus full of people who we have buried in this life time. This is one of the reasons of my personal inquiry with leaving our earthly bodies - what is it that happens? 

I hadn't seen the BMPS group in action among a live audience. 
Bob gathered all participants in a room - and spoke about the history of the location, went into some of the things we captured there - and then explained the technology that we use to decipher if there is in fact a presence among the living. 

Bob had a picture passed around from the night before - one captured in the basement.
It was a TALL, BLACK SHADOW - you could- distinguish - that it was a man in a peacoat - perhaps with longer hair and a hat - the other unearthly and unexplainable phenomenon in this image was the orange light to the lower left of the shadow figure.  
It looked like a small fire.  But please remember - we roam around this building with no electricity.

During his presentation, my right shoulder felt unnaturally hot. I heard 
"This guy is Bullshit".
I knew it was one of the "men" from the basement.
Was it the same one from the picture? Is he ready to communicate?

My group was the first to the basement. Good. I had questions and I was ready to ask them.
When my team got down there - it was pretty uneventful at first until we heard footsteps coming from the other side of the room where non of us where even close to.   We went to check it out - the K2 meter showed some activity. I heard a mans' voice say "this is such bullshit!"  I knew I wasn't going crazy when two other girls in my group - 
heard "someone" say "BULLSHIT" aloud and questioned where it may have came from!

Later in the evening - all of the groups were called to a specific location on the first floor - the K2 meters were going bananas and a bat decided to join the party.  
We addressed the "spirit" lighting the K2 as HELEN - the woman who lived there and we since found out to have held seances, keep a special paranormal library and be very religious.
To me, Helen felt that her work here on this plane in terms of her "craft" was being validated.

So - I can't be grateful enough for the "activity" that my sister 
and I were able to witness together. It was awesome.  
But enough ghost stories for now......

The last thing I want to write - is -
I'm really stoked that Al Zagosky ran this article in the Times News Today

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Sickness

While I heart this time of year, the unstoppable snot running down my 20 month old's face 
& vicious bug I have (and impolitely passed on to my fiance) 
doesn't reflect the prettiest colors of fall.  Bugger!

I so hate to pencil in sick during this busy schedule and while I have to take things lying down so to speak sometimes I resolve to forget about those putt off obligations
 by indulging in a little.... TV.  

While marathon ep's of the Kardashian sisters 
& Rachel Zoe make me giddy (do not judge)
-I found myself hungry for substance.  Feed a cold right?
Food channel, over it - don't have HBO.....Discovery always 
but the History channel 
Lately they've been running non stop 
Nostradamus revelations & OMG I get it already - 2012 is coming....the trailer for the awful Hollywood exploitation made my head almost explode!
But I digress....

Anyway - 
last night the HC dropped some major shit that I am still kind of reeling over today.
In a nutshell.....
Super Ancient Crop Circle/Symbols vs. Pyramids vs. Some dude named ENOCH (from the BIBLE) that was the first "writer" to report on alien space craft in history and archaeological digs that uncovered ancient pictures of today's high tech air vehicles.  
Time Travel?


Personally speaking - twice -in grade school - within three months time I thought I had seen something ridiculous in our sky.  The first time was with neighbors while driving the highway during twilight.  We all saw an object horizontally speed across the sky and stop - then - vertically ascend out of sight leaving us stunned and driving at 20mph the remainder of 8 miles home. 
Then, one night, when I could not sleep - I glared out the window at a star freckled sky praying for Jesus to take away my sixth grade anxiety 
when I saw it again - except - this time it looked like a star - but it behaved the same way - it shot across the sky horizontally and stopped right in the middle of my bedroom window - my world - as if it wanted me to notice and hovered there for what seemed like an eternity when you're holding your breath and trying not to blink. 

I know - you're wondering cold medication I'm on.  
But seriously - I can't help but think about the spirit of time and spirit - and how - during my short time with BMPS - seeing the evidence that we have - perhaps we are all one big MASH UP of time.....
Specifically - that PICTURE from The former Broney's Hotel ....with several generations of faces .....

are we the fourth generation of earth?  
are we the generation of earth's past?  
of other planets past?
Are we a dirty experiment of other species more intelligent? Perhaps a few?

the eight ball is full of vague it not?
I think that I will look deeper into this ENOCH fellow.  
Or should I watch another repeat of Kim and Khloe?


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