Will be held tomorrow. I will no doubt write about it.
It's held over - from last week - the Gargoyle - I must remove said presence and .....yeah.
I'm ready. I think....

However - What I wasn't ready for - was this past Sunday - 
when I honestly felt like a semi - parlor trick 
upon entering the house of a family - who had lost their Father/Husband.
I made mention that I wasn't sure of my purpose - to the BMPS leader on our way to the location.

But what I really - wasn't expecting - at all, 
was the tears - shed - by me.
I could feel the frustration from the deceased - 
wanting to tell the women left behind to not make the same mistakes 
that he made - with his health - emotional over eating ......

I was embarrassed.  For myself - for them.  I never experienced the flow....of tears...yet.
And - It was a tough subject - I had brought food up so many times this week -for myself -  for others and the relationship between all of us....
I'll stop there with the serendipitous report - even though it goes much deeper but - 
for respect & privacy of my clients.

Also to my surprise - I found myself in a McDonald's drive through last night after grocery shopping - watching an altercation take place between two women - removed from their respective cars at the front of the line.......then.....I noticed what was parked in front of me......the women from Sunday's....'meeting'.

Wow.  We all are process.


I feel at a threshold.  
There are many changes and winds coming  - seasonal included.
I can't wait to be free of current prison's and opening new chapters. 
Change and transformation seem to be ideal para me. But I can't help but think that there is something bigger coming .....YOU?

I'm flattered to learn of a reader - who is also a writer in LA.  THANK YOU.


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