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Crying with strangers...

Saturday. The sun was out, the weather was warm and rain seemed just a bad dream we all need to escape. No trace of clouds hovered the muggy air when we opened the outside bar.

The first, older couple at my bar was familiar.  They spectated as I dodged and cringed when serving a boisterous woman (driving a motorcycle) who just came from finding Jesus in rehab her second chardonnay.  They also frowned with me - when the other bartender agreed to fetch red bull for said woman's Jaeger Bomb!

The nice couple obviously shared my discomfort and made eyes back at me when I looked to them in forgiveness for entertaining Jesus's hog driving sister's monologue about her son's first child (being born while she slapped one down in front of us) and the story of her son vowing to murder her, his own mother -  just the night before.

The muggy August air, thickened until finally she left.  
But not after politely hitting on husband o'friendly couple - to which sparked a 3 minute recap convo post her much anticipated  & highly viewed exit. It seemed to have sparked a bit of jealousy from wife o'friendly couple - which - I found endearing.

Par to course, I learned where they were from over the next two hours and eight, 16oz bottles of Coors Lite.  They yearned to own a house on the lake, visited with us last year and came back to our bar because they loved my mojitos.  (Then why waste $5 on piss beer? - I'll never know).

As fast as a crazy drunk lady loving Jesus on a motorcycle, we were chatting about living on the lake and Realtors one minute then took a nose dive deep into tears as the wife revealed her sister's passing just hours previous to our meeting at the bar.

I couldn't fight choking up. I came from behind the bar to greet her with embrace.  
"Why are you crying" Did you have a sister?" She asked -  confused as to my true reflection of her pain.
"She's not mad at you for not being there."  
She held me and sobbed.
"How did you know?" 
"I don't know what this means to you - but  - Karen and Alicia are telling me - to tell you - she's with everyone and she's free." 

Her husband stood from his chair and walked to the water. I realized then, I was grateful that the other bartender is deaf in one ear.  To him, to the other's sitting there quibbling over the heat, I was befriending an ole drunk lady at the bar who just got a little emotional over some beer and a lady hitting on her husband.

Before the couple left she came for one last hug.
"We're all just energy trapped in skin bags.  You're sister is free to move about.  She's all around us."

My arm flared up a little bit......and I'm ignoring it still - and the fact that said skin bags to the lady.....ugh.


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